12 october 2008

today felt like  a train that just zoomed into a tunnel.

before you start to get into it seems to have dissipated into the wind.

got up at 915, left house at1030, ate mcgriddles (not recommanded if you wanna start the day without indigestion)

then on the bus 106, some cock up happened and suddenly the ez-link card tapping thingys got corrupted or sth and it caused the bus to stop. me and my sis din understand the situation in the wake of it for bout 10 mins cos the rest of the bus were philipinos. they were all riled up and excited and we were just eating our hashbrown.

ANYWAY, so we couldnt make it for the 1130 service so we took the 230 one, which meant we walked around suntec for quite a while.( could have sworn i saw isaac) played this game convention thingy to win shopping discounts, blablabla..had ppl laugh at me for my tennis skills.. won a $2 off carl’s jnr set meals.

well i guess im forced to eat carls jnr now. sigh

well i guess im forced to eat carls jnr now. sigh

oh yes. also bought these bites of heaven



 the service was rather bleagh.  normally those old angmoh guys make outstanding pastors, even if you din understand a word cos they sounded like a donkey you felt like pretending you did and give them a standing ovation, this guy din really cut it. PASTOR PRINCE wasnt around so, oh well.

and i also bought this nice book

my first bought book

my first bought book

its about a lady helen knightly who has been trying to win her mother’s love alll her life but the latter had none to begin with. her father dies and in a while her mother develops dementia and becomes this souless mindless bag of bones who she comes to detest. an event whereby she soils herself throws her into an unthinking spiral and she holds a towel against her mouth and kills her.

yeah i know its a little dark, but because its first line was “when all is said and done, killing my mother was easy.” it caught me immediately. See i told you first liners were important, it sets the tone for the whole book.

its about this thick

and with relatively small words

 so it’ll prob keep me busy for a week or 2.

and i know you saw my foot and the guitar

its good charlotte signed mind you

its good charlotte signed mind you

its not mine its my sister’s. its really pretty. i should pick up guitar again. my guitar, on the other hand, is really puny, well i had it when i was P3, so it had to be proportionate..

oh well, i get my SA2 papers tmrw. you never know what to expect (well except one but i cant say) in exam results so the most useless thing you can do is worry. you were so confident of this Q but it din match with the ans scheme, or you had no idea how base area affects stability but you perservere and drag out what little commom sense you have and crap up enough to give you at least a mark, better than you thought. you’ll never know. So, like my father always says :”stress for what?!”

i must thank my father for teaching me to have a cool head bout things.

chill man

chill man

all the best. goodnights. 😀

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