okay most of the scavaging and anticipation is done, my SA2 results are pretty much finalised to:

E math A2 (oh well)

English B3 (what to do)

and history A1 ( woohooo!!)



 so yeah pretty happy with my overall, considering these are the results of alot of last minute studying.

have to thank God for blessing me with peace of mind throughout the past weeks, have had one of the most restful sleeps in a long time.♥

on that subject, i din tell much but when school reopned after the june holidays, i couldn’t sleep for bout 2+ months, not tt i kept awke for1800 hours, but for the case of many, i slept alternative nights. I’ll never forget those nights just lying on my bed and the only thought that flooded my mind was wondering if i could get to sleep, hoping i could get to sleep,wondering if i could take steps like thinking of sth really random and hoping it would distract my mind from worry and anxiety and then sleep. BUt of course, when i finally drifted off by a little, i would realise it and had to start over.

it wasn’t soon before long tt this affected my studies. the lack of sleep also resulted in a lack of patience, temperant and moreover, life.

i tried to keep it under covers which i knew wasn’t healthy but the thought of ppl thinking i was disturbed drove me to doing so. I acted as normal as possible. BUt the truth was i couldn’t source the root of my anxiety to begin with. I thought i was becoming crazy, i hope this doesn’t shock ppl. I felt as if a curse weighed down on me and bad spirits had seeped into the core of my mind.

then i had a personal spiritual intervention, and i’ve slept like a baby since.

i respect other religons wholeheartedly but i know my God is real because he changed me, so powerful He is bigger than any problems i’ll ever face.

[ Blessed are the pure of heart, for they can see God. ]



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