today i, on the spur of the moment, decided to take this cooking course thaat my mother had introduced to me only the night before

so, though it was rather uncalled for, this had became my one big rock for the holidays.Image Preview

my teacher’s a little old, he mentioned tt he was part of some hiton hotel restaurant apprentice in 1969. so he could have been like at least 20, 40 years ago. he doesn’t look 60 though

mr richard aw
mr richard aw

notice black hair. my father, on the other hand, has had greyish white hair since i could remember

my class consisted of 8 ppl, 2 philipino maids, 1 really cute prob sec 1 boy tt wouldnt stop squinting, 2 clowns ( me and giselle),and the rest were aunties, one 40 year old ah lian.Amittedly, there were 2 outstanding super annoying aunties, one of which was unofficially crowned the grand trophy in recognition of their excellent display of the arts for annoying the crap of ppl.
i'm referring to the middle one
im referring to the middle one

i’ve honestly never heard a more whiny, far over the extreme borders of inquisitiveness inquisitive, 50 year old woman. this picture you see here is a rare moment in which you can observe the phenomenon of the touching of the lips which result in a closed mouth, its truely fascinating. it can also be observed her annoying feat of taking snapshots of every ingredient and kitchen equipment whch her flashy camera phone.

my god, she’s SO UNBEARABLE i could snap her head.
anyway, giselle kept volunteering for stuff so here you see her spreading butter on the bread pieces
and stirring the soup
frenc onion soup
french onion soup

which was really funny.

stupid BONG.
anyway, really cool to go for this course, esp with bong.
so yeh, achieved sth!
woohoo!Image Preview
hope i’ll achieve even more this holidays

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