sirloin steak man!


love the holidays man.

completed quite a fair bit of homework, but still FAARRRRR from completion.

I cant believe they’re making us do a summary on every bio chapter. PHYSICS students pls thank your respective gods.

anyway cooking class today was fruitful.

learnt how to cook:

1.sirloin steak with herb butter sauce

now this is steak

now this is steak

FYI, this is a psuedo grilled steak, the grilled streaks are actually branded by a hot skewer.

2. vichy potatoes

it actually utilizes the same kitchen tool as the one for putting cream on cakes. isn’t the potato so damn cute?


3. stuffed tomatoes

looks cute but taste is bleagh

looks cute but taste is bleagh

 its basically mixed vegetables in hallowed tomatoes. not nice.

anyway BONG volunteered for stuff again

then got creative

with garlic, how talented

with garlic, how talented

here’s a picture of the cute potatoes being baked

reminds me of the calbee commercial

anyway, good 2 days, good good. may have guitar lesson tmrw.

man, never appreciated the holidays more.♥


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