SMALL people♥

 saw my first niece on my maternal side on MONDAY (have13 nephews and nieces on my paternal side!)

she’s so damn cute, and she looks really smart. her eyes are really pretty and alert

and she’s a bit of a protester.


her arms are always raised. so damn adorable.

after so long, you can really forget ppl start off so small.
i dunno what is it about babies tt can evoke compassion in ppl, its prob their vulnerability, their inablity to harm or hurt, their innocence and dependance.Image Preview

3 responses to “SMALL people♥

  • Giselle

    Man, minli, ur making me miss my hamsters, i actually feel bad for indirectly letting dogs and mayb even snakes kill them ): Sniff. Hello, must correct smth u said in the sirloin steak post. “I did Not keep volunteering! Th guy just asked me if i wanna do lo.” Yup thats all. (: haha, that sunday sounded INTERESTING LAH. ;D Haha. Did it occur to u that guy was a muslim, nt christian, cos thats malaysia? (malays are like auto muslims ryte?) Lol. Haha. Too bad i couldn’t go along. D: [b] Lol. And Don’t Call Me Bong Here, Romo! [/b]

  • upandgone

    you did? yOu terrible pet owner! i thot one like ate the other or sth

    interesting your foot la bong,
    i’m not gonna go malaysia for a while,
    and definitely not without my father anymore lo.

    the guy looked chinese though, i think only muslims are particular about the above knee thing so he was prob chinese muslim.
    but man such an asshole..
    why in the world would yOu wanna go with me? it was a horrible trip!

  • DlArEg HoT EzT GnoOY

    It was a sunday min li, you should have gone to church, haha.

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