yes i went malaysia again


i guess i wasnt tt affected after all. so i went there just a week later today on SUNDAY.

i guess i dint mean not go malaysia for a while, i meant not go malaysia without the luxury of a car for a while.

went early. got up at 9. was at customs there by 10. AWESOME!

first stop: JUSCO.

ate brekfast at STONEGRILL something, where you get to see your chosen meat get cooked on this squarish superhot stone on your table in the flash! its embarassing to be so fascinated, but i really was.

shopped around. actually bought quite a bit. hehehhsss

i managed to buy

-valerie’s gift

-2 black pants. one long, one 3/4 (just realised i haven’t bought pants for almost 2 years)

-hehs.2 bras

then went to holiday inn to softbond the ends of my hair. couldn’t stand the guy attending to me. it was like’ i pay you to do my hair, not to tell me your freaking life story” he starts telling me he din get to go to sec 3, he din like studying bla bla. so i began to take out my book and read (MAJOR HINT, YOU IDIOT), then he starts asking me to test him with words from my book. (………………………………….)

he speaks pretty softly, worst still when he has to blowdry my hair, i keep saying “wo ting bu dao ni jiang shen me” but he thinks i just dun feel like responding ( which is true though ) then he gets offended and says really stupid stuff like ” xin wen bao dao mei you buo liang ci de leh” (news dun air twice one you know)

i know.. part of their job is to make talk, so tt pppl will rmb them and then they’ll come back to their shop.  but if its OBVIOUSLY not your forte, then just shutttt uuupp.

anyway, ultimately the impt thing is tt my hair looks pretty. i feel pretty. woooh!

there was a 1 hour jam on the way home but then we (me and parents) were listening to 90.5FM radio channel which had alot of good songs, not modern, but nice and soothing. notlike 987 where cos they have to play songs tt are on the charts, it tends to include a big bunch of stupid talentless idiots singing ridiculous junk about kissing a dog and not wanting to dance ( then why are you dancing throughout your song!!!!), and only a few good ones, 987 is just not worth listening to on the whole, except for muttons of course.

i just think tt music really speaks to a generation, if we there’s just a wave of love songs like 20 years back, romance will be stronger in the air, there will be a certain sense of calm and peace tt holds ppl tgt. now with so many very rhythemic but very stupid songs, you get a generation tts all about pretences, looking and feeling good on the outside, enjoying only the temporary joys of life.

music cant be the reason for the bad things tt are happening in this world now, but i have to insist tt it plays a more major role then we think. wonder what kind of person you are? look at the songs you listen to.

anyway, other things to talk about.

on SATURDAY, i went for a job interview at some jap restaraunt at jurong point with my friend, introduced by my ex burmese tenant. reallyreally hope i get the job. not bad pay.

then i went for cooking lesson where i learnt how to cook:

-vichy carrots.

-parsely potatoes

-hungarian beef soup ( the teacher made it too dilute)

-sth fish with sth sauce. ( tastes AMAZING)

found out tt this sauce tasted exactly like baked rice sauce. and get this.. NO CHEESE whatsoever. just flour, butter, fish stock, shallots, parsely, lemon juice baked at 220 degrees celsius.

too bad i din bring my phone to class so couldn’t take much pics. and my battery went flat before i could take a second pic in malaysia. ):

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