been pretty so so days.

so far, i’ve completed quite a bit of homework.

AM EM done. but there’s like 20 over Q i can’t do

english compre, history SEQ. ya tts it i think.

on saturday i went with my old primary school friend to look for hamster stuff (lucky ass she’s gonna have a hamster)01-11-08_1722 saw this cute ass rabbit.

if i were allowed to have a pet i would have a cat though i dun like cats very much. cos rabbits tend to grow less cute with age. and only if i had a farm then i would have dogs.(cos dogs stink only when they’re enclosed)

monday i went for the quishin-bo inteview with my friend.

tuesaday there was CCA and chinese bridging.

Wednesday went to jurong point,lot 1

today i went to the HR for another interview. ALL THE FREAKING WAY AT NOVENA. then waited for like close to 1 hour cos they had to send flowers tos ome guy who got admitted then there was a blackout of some sort. sheesh! i cant believe after all this time, they just made us wait so long for a 3 min interview.

pissed man

then went to imm. went to every single food outlet.

ichiban, cafe cartel, coffe club, street sth, pepper food lunch, fish and co, ETC!

the general response was:

“sorry we only hire 16+”

“sorry we only hire 15+”

“sorry we are currently full” ( i din ask if you wer hungry)

“sorry we are looking for permanent part timers only” (???)

the list goes ON i tell you.

sigh disapointing days i tell you. feel like i wasted my week trying to get a job. but it was fun going out with my friend again. love it tt after all this time we’re still as close as ever.

oh well. screw jobs. im gonna rot at home all i want.

other cool photos:

chestnut stall. illegal la

chestnut stall. illegal la

 went with my family to west coast. saw this little teeny beach like place.just no sand. singapore is so sad.


it was a really cool night.


i guess you cant say singpaore has no beauty. we just have streaks and scrapes of it.

admittedly, its sad tt behind every corner there’s some place being renovated, taken down, or built. singapore is just moving at such a high pace, im actually a little glad this financial recession is happening, hopefully it can slow things down a little.

”  the childhoods of the people are often compromised in a country’s race for time “Image Preview


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