my friend’s hamsters

today i think i spent nearly a whole day just playing with my friend’s hamsters tt i bought with her yesterday. they’re SUPER cute!

their breed is actually ALOT faster than other hamsters.

so what you see below took alot of pain-staking effort:


her father made it specially so its really large. big enough for a bunny. its bigger than my fish tank


since it moves super fast. the bestt ime to take pics is actually when its asleep:


or in this case: drunk. lol

look at tt man, it was sitting up, starting getting drowzy then just fell slowly to its side.


my god, its like its own pillow.


here one of them is trying to sneak away stores of food.


too bad we still cant tell them apart no matter how intently we observe, so they’re still called ‘it’. there’s actually 2 of them. ‘white face sth’. $30 each!

but i thinnk i got bored of them alr.

SEE this is why i cant have pets. i need sth really affectionate or entertaining. like a dog or a beaver or a chinchilla or a hedgehog. (hehehs)

anyway one of my fish died today.

same cause of death as it has been for the other fishes tt have died: CARNIVORISM.


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