everyday’s a new day


its been pretty fulfilling days of doing things i never got to doing before the holidays.

oh and i went to see my niece again a couple of days ago.

jie min
jie min

she’s learning to smile alot. and she just successfully learnt how to lie on her side. not many babies can do tt at a mere age of barely 2 months.

and she’s beginning to fill out her cheeks too, how adorable!

had cca on tuesday (yesterday)
had a little talk
and i must say it really sucks to know tt after you given everything you’ve got to the club, somebody can tell you in your face tt she didn’t see a thing
i did feel like crap for the rest of tuesday. so i nearly just foregoed dinner and well ,part of lunch.
i learnt tt when i’m upset i get turned off food.  its better than eating too much but still. it just feels like my tummy is just so full and my mouth just locks itself up.
its interesting to find out about yourself 🙂
anyway i went to JE library with BONG in the afternoon tt day and borrowed ANNE FRANK.
she was apparently a really bright mischivous little girl. talkative and popular, but not tt bitchy kind, the kind with a good heart.
her sister was the smart one. hardworking. neat and clever.
intersting thing i learnt: her father was born on the same year as HITLER, the guy who annihalated them.
i’m still at the front part wher the family just moves to amsterdam where many other jewish families seeked refuge away from the growing anti-semitism movement tt Hitler had brought about, even stronger when he came in power.
anyway, enough history!
SO the highlight of today was tt i cooked sirloin steak with herb butter
19-11-08_1842here it looks like chicken though
whoo. love cooking.
today i also realised how  nice car rides with the family were.
19-11-08_2133it looks really nice when the light shines upon the rain droplets tt hang in the balance.
19-11-08_2136i know i look emo but tts just me feeling happy.
after tt went for some kopi
we were talking about the economic recession and stuff. and of course the ridiculous COE tt now costs $2.
my father says the only way for things to move faster is if ppl start spending.
so he’s suggesting going to cambodia for christmas.
well i’m excited. 🙂

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