christmas is coming…♥

i’m like halfway through my holidays already, and ther’s still so much i wanna do!

i wanna hav a new bag, nice bottle, new file.

i wanna go overseas, ANYWHERE but malaysia!

i wanna cook more

i wanna swim more.

i need to buy a lime green shirt(longstory)

and i need to start making out my christmas list for people.

Go to fullsize imagehehs i only know what to buy for 2 ppl so

oh.. and christmas cards. and christmas cookies..!!

ah i cant believe 2008 is ending soon. it seemed so long since ms lim scolded me for not doing her hw in early feb, but not too long ago since i stopped trying to mix with my (still new) class in feb too.

i dun think i’ll ever feel at home with 3e3.

i think this year, esp first half of the year i studied alot.i never felt so hardworking beofre. this year was the first time i truely experienced the feeling of actually being ready for a test, and really comprehend a lesson, and actually complete sets of homework on time for at least a few days.

this year i was a nerd. next year i’ll  be SUPERNERD!Go to fullsize image

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