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merry MERRY Xmas!

23-12-08_2154 its been a monumental, short yet sweet christmas.

and once again my family is as usual, generous. hahas 23-12-08_2224

here’re my presents: hehehehhehs

25-12-08_1652 not my biggest harvest, but it doesnt matter:) it feels great tt ppl are now giving me food and clothes, books and bags and not stickers and toys or notebooks now.

on Xmas eve, we went to pulau ubin, off the coast of s’pore, on a boat, in the rain, with the winds, and the cold.

but still, FUN!


this is the huge fish farm tt we arrived at:



every 2-3 hours, they lift this huge net out of a fish cathcment area.24-12-08_195424-12-08_1953and from above, use another net to scoop the fish out.

anyway, intersting thing ilearnt:

how to tell which gender crabs are:

24-12-08_19591this is male.

24-12-08_20003this is female

and this one is…

24-12-08_20011HEAVILY pregnant.

and these are..

24-12-08_2022 delicious.

24-12-08_2145this is the 2nd story of the house boat we stayed in for the night.

and this was the SUPERB view

it was so cool and the air was so i dunnno.. fresh?.there was NO better way to breathe. imagine staring out into the dark opaque sky with the glimmer of the lights from the kelongs reflecting unto the sea’s waves.


25-12-08_0707the house boat.

on crisp Xmas morning at 7, i awoke to this.


the ppl handling the place were professional fishermen, unlike me:


anyway, more on the view now:

25-12-08_0740 just.. wow.25-12-08_070525-12-08_0704

and stuff ppl the fishermen and the banglah workers did:


on the boatride back:

25-12-08_0957 i still cant get enough of the waves.

or my new month old niece, channie.


hehheh.. so funny. angelina jolie lips. 

” a baby is GOd’s way of telling people the world should still go on.”




Open my ears that I may hear,

Voices of truth thou sendest clear:

While the wave notes fall on my ear,

everything false will disappear.

Isaiah 33:6 (King James Version)

 6And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times, and strength of salvation: the fear of the LORD is his treasure.

i’m not done.

the holidays are really melting away,

and i’m feeling so awful bout it. i really dun wanna go back to school.i really dun wanna start sec 4.

sigh, i hardly feel so nervous bout anything. i know when i startcycling i’ll be fine from there, but for now i just dun wanna wake up at 615, sit in a classrom for hours on end and just cant wait for the freaking clock hand to tick.

i wanna enjoy school, but i need motivation so bad.

so anyway i’ve been doing stuff. hees.

on thursday went to novena there with my sis:


i insist its not childish, we’re just misunderstood.

19-12-08_1335 on friday i went to AMK hub with giselle. there was this great shop with alot of nice clothes. so tgt we bought like $80 worth of clothes. whoo! but i COULDNT PAY cos i lost my wallet unfortunately.

i was like so shocked, i have absolutely no clue how i lost it, co si had my bag with me the entire time. no hint or guess. it made no sense. felt so terrible.

on saturday, i decided to cook some nice food to cheer up.

so i made:




personaly i think this one tasted the best of the few tt ive cooked.

on sunday went chevrons to sing with a couple of my sis’ other friends, sang so many more chinese songs than english. hahas. so funny

11-12-08_2345 ( this pic was actually taken from a previous time, also at chevrons, but sam room anyway)

after eating went west coast to slack from 130-3:

21-12-08_021121-12-08_0210climbed the triangular stringy thingy. fun, would have been more fun if wasn’t wearing a skirt.

slept at like 4 since my sis had to drop all 3 of her friends at their homes.

on monday went malaysia:

of course… to shop. so bought quite a bit of stuff, from city square, jusco, perling..

after shopping went to this lil’ seafood stall.


next to this tall broken down apartment place.


it was an illegal stall, but hte food is so cheap its so great.

imagine eating:

kangkong blachan

sambal squid

the whole big steamed fish ( the big one tt normally costs at least $20 at even kopitiams, here it only cost13RM! tts like $S5)


chicken pieces

mee hoon goreng

for 34RM! like OMG! so shiok! tts like 4 bucks  for a seafood dinner!

after tt AWESOME meal and after going to our little apartment there, went home


realised tt only singapore has lighted highways.

now today its the eve of christmas eve, cant wait for tmrw. i ‘m gg with my family to some fish farm in pulau ubin, to spend the night there.and after tt, we’re gg straight to see channie to celebrate her 1 month bday. hees.

cant wait. 🙂

oh and btw ive completely recovered from HFMD, the red spots on my hands and feet have blackened and dried! yay!, yet yuck!

Britney Spears Dating Paris Hiltons Ex.


wth man.

Benji Madden what are you doing benji.

“Former toxic singer Britney Spears could be set to top hotel heiress Paris Hilton. She is reportedly dating the former reality show stars ex, Benji Madden. Spears is said to have grown close to the Good Charlotte rocker after they were introduced to each other by Spears’ manager Larry Rudolph following Madden’s break up with Hilton, according to media reports. A source tells In Touch Weekly magazine that the pair shared dinner at a Los Angeles California hotel and that they have seen each other several times since. The unnamed source adds: “They’ve been on a few dates. She appears to like Benji a lot, and he seems to really like her.” Madden split from Hilton last month, after a nine-month relationship”



my HFMDdays:

before i forget i wanna note down my most recent thoughts:

why do manneqins have nipples?

tt will be all.

but anyway, these last few days with HKFD manifesting in my body cells, i havent been out much.

even when i do go out, i dun breathe when i pass by kids cos apparently its SUPER contagious. even my water vapour contains the virus.

but im really worried for my 3 week old niece i carried around for like 10-20 mins on saturday. yes i did so without the knowledge tt i had the disease of course. i’m not hopeful.

hopefully her immunity is strongetr than mine. i seriously need to consume more vitamin C to build up my immunity. having nearly fainted at malaysia customs and now contracting this disease which is suppose to primarily only infect kids who have lower immnity, maybe its time i take care of myself .

cos now it really sucks having so many damn ulcers. imagine this: 2 green pea sized ulcers under your tongue. 5 on your lower lip, 2 on your upper lip. 4 on your right inner cheek. no exaggeration whatsoever.

eating and talking has been hell. dunno why every year i must have some minor illness. last year i spent CNY shivering on my cousin’s (who btw is the mother of tt 3 week old niece i was talking bout) bed cos i had a fever, which was followed by a week long heartburn. i ate a full meal over the span of the entire week cos eating was just impossible. day fater day, my best relief came from sleeping.

but at least i know the causes for getting sick. for the heartburn it was cause i drank 3/4 carton of lemon juice one night without eating anything else.the gstric acid from my tummy was regurgitated back up the oesophagus causing a painful and burning  pain.

and as for the HKMD it was cos of stupid henderson.

sucks being a sickly kid. 😦


i have hand foot mouth disease.

i think i got it from henderson CC during CIP last sat.