guess who’s back, guess who’s back…

hi ppl

i am not sorry for not blogging for more than a week.

and i dun miss you guys.

hahas, sorry. wanted to break the trend for very long. 🙂

its been a loonnnnnggggg week.

i cooked this thing called fillet de sole sth, the one i learnt in cooking class with BONG. and it was a success!  hehes. gotto get the pics from my sis’ phone.


and here it is:

Go to fullsize imagenah la. kidding. but i could do it if i wanted to!

its this:


next i wanna cook escalope of pork!


there was CIP on sat29-11-08_1433

(mrs singh all dressed up for dunno what behind)

29-11-08_1444yes i know its a great pic .

it was really worth the long sweaty walk.

alot of the kids were really underprivelleged. some had siblings in hospitals, or illnesses. some 4 kids have had so little educational exposure, they had never heard of the 3 little pigs. yes some were like 3 years old,  but the others were like 7 or 8.

see this is why CIP is impt.

honestly i think CME is one of the most stupid ideas for lessons i have ever heard. you cant teach morals from sheets of paper, its just the stupidest form of learning. and you definitely cant print your own perspective of someopne’s morals from their shallow class presentations in their report card. now that is morally unethical.

not once in primary school or even secondary school was everybody in the school sent out to do all sorts of charity work. forget lack ofCIP hours, forget grades,forget reports and just go out and give yourself to the community? never.

why blame teenagers for their lack of responsibility or community spirit, when all adults do is work and ocasionally make donations through calls esp when there is a huge cash incentive advertised on those charity drives on tv? money is not what the underprivalleged need, its compassion.

honestly i cant stand it when adults complain about “kids today ahh…”, i cant say its their fault really, but it is.

okay maybe i shuldnt complain. i will when i have kids.

anyway, here’s some nice pics taken dunno when at my room window.


but most of the week was spent preparing for the drama club camp.

i was quite upset tt the 2 boys din come. i guess at least one of them still isnt mature anough. and BOND i meant BONG couldnt come either.

but the camp was quite a success i would think, alot of the objectives were reached. was damn happy to see the sec 1s and 2s bonding.

if only i din have to orgaanize the camp then i could enjoy it without all the work. i think the 5 camp leaders were damn exhausted at the end of it.

when i reached home at 2 yesterday i put my bag in my room and slept for 4 hours. dirty and all, with the previous night’s BBQ smoke and the night walk’s sweat in my hair.

was really happy the seniors came too, esp tt ling ling stayed the night. she made our night alot better.

but i think my ruining the table with val, brigitte, rifdi and khaliesah totally destroyed my mood for the second night till hte next day. just could’nt shake it off.

but all in all, i think the camp was fantastic.

i must get the pics soon.

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