its been a nice week.

but more and more i worry about the holidays ending. its keeping me from fully enjoying my hoidays. its quite sad. 😦

CIP on saturday was rather bleagh, i enjoyed eating more than spending the time with kids. cos there were a whole lot of volunteers and really there was nothing left to do.

and my kid was really easy. while others had like 4. i asked if i could have some but ppl want to act all motherly and then complain about having so many kids, FINE. waste my time.

anyway, after CIP went town. got lost trying to meet my sis. ending up here at the BIGGEST TALLEST CHOCOLATE STRUCTURE IN THE WORLD! at centralplace.

06-12-08_2010cool shit.

on sunday i went to Terminal 3 for nearly the whole day with my family for another family. hahas.


07-12-08_2048a spock, got it when eating at popeyes at T3. great mashed potatoes there btw.

on monday went to:

(with my mum, sis and buunnie)

08-12-08_1406 cos we thought it would be free since it was a public holiday.

but no.. it WAS a public holiday but not an ‘open house’. so we left. then my mum wanted to go to the bible house. then realised it had moved to st andrew’s cathedral. so we walked there from armenian street. then realied it was closed for the day. so i wandered to st andrew’s cathedral with my mum while they went to get the car.

its REALLY old:




08-12-08_1444( no tt guy isnt God.. i confirmed)


after tt , we went to watch CAPE no.7. its a super confusing show. i couldnt get anything after an hour passed.

Go to fullsize image you wouldnt enjoy the show if you dun like hokkien humour. cos other than tt, to me, its really messy and the ending totally didnt tie in the show properly. cos its super no link.  but funny like hell nonetheless.

oh and i decided to open yj’s and alex’s present. couldnt wait till christmas. well technically it wasnt SPECIFICALLY DEFIONITELY a chirstmas present, so i din do anything wrong.

09-12-08_18311 i really wasnt expecting it. almost nearly shocked me.

anyway here’s a postsecret updateee.


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