quotes of forever

i had been reading the edited version of the diary of anne frank for a while by carol ann lee.

Go to fullsize image here are some striking lines in the book:

” the guards stepped forward, shoving the women into columns  of five and then again into 2 rows. the selction to decide who would live and who would die began.”

“josef mengele stood impatiently beside the blue gleam of spotlights. lientje recalled,”he made us step on a scale and then waved his hand to the left or right to indicate life or death. just a casual wave-to the gas chamber.”

arnold strippel, assistant of SS doctor who kiled many children in his cruel experiments in basements “was never brought to trial, despite repeated efforts by the parents of the murdered children. He lived the rest of his life unpunished, in a villa in a suburb of Frankfurt(where anne frank’s father grew up in.”

cousin of anne frank wrote:

“..what discrimmination can do. i would urge you not to allow it to happen in your school or neighbourhood, but to keep your eyes open and take a firm stand against racism ..whenever or wherever you are confronted with it”

my sentiments exactly.


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