my HFMDdays:

before i forget i wanna note down my most recent thoughts:

why do manneqins have nipples?

tt will be all.

but anyway, these last few days with HKFD manifesting in my body cells, i havent been out much.

even when i do go out, i dun breathe when i pass by kids cos apparently its SUPER contagious. even my water vapour contains the virus.

but im really worried for my 3 week old niece i carried around for like 10-20 mins on saturday. yes i did so without the knowledge tt i had the disease of course. i’m not hopeful.

hopefully her immunity is strongetr than mine. i seriously need to consume more vitamin C to build up my immunity. having nearly fainted at malaysia customs and now contracting this disease which is suppose to primarily only infect kids who have lower immnity, maybe its time i take care of myself .

cos now it really sucks having so many damn ulcers. imagine this: 2 green pea sized ulcers under your tongue. 5 on your lower lip, 2 on your upper lip. 4 on your right inner cheek. no exaggeration whatsoever.

eating and talking has been hell. dunno why every year i must have some minor illness. last year i spent CNY shivering on my cousin’s (who btw is the mother of tt 3 week old niece i was talking bout) bed cos i had a fever, which was followed by a week long heartburn. i ate a full meal over the span of the entire week cos eating was just impossible. day fater day, my best relief came from sleeping.

but at least i know the causes for getting sick. for the heartburn it was cause i drank 3/4 carton of lemon juice one night without eating anything else.the gstric acid from my tummy was regurgitated back up the oesophagus causing a painful and burning  pain.

and as for the HKMD it was cos of stupid henderson.

sucks being a sickly kid. 😦


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