i’m not done.

the holidays are really melting away,

and i’m feeling so awful bout it. i really dun wanna go back to school.i really dun wanna start sec 4.

sigh, i hardly feel so nervous bout anything. i know when i startcycling i’ll be fine from there, but for now i just dun wanna wake up at 615, sit in a classrom for hours on end and just cant wait for the freaking clock hand to tick.

i wanna enjoy school, but i need motivation so bad.

so anyway i’ve been doing stuff. hees.

on thursday went to novena there with my sis:


i insist its not childish, we’re just misunderstood.

19-12-08_1335 on friday i went to AMK hub with giselle. there was this great shop with alot of nice clothes. so tgt we bought like $80 worth of clothes. whoo! but i COULDNT PAY cos i lost my wallet unfortunately.

i was like so shocked, i have absolutely no clue how i lost it, co si had my bag with me the entire time. no hint or guess. it made no sense. felt so terrible.

on saturday, i decided to cook some nice food to cheer up.

so i made:




personaly i think this one tasted the best of the few tt ive cooked.

on sunday went chevrons to sing with a couple of my sis’ other friends, sang so many more chinese songs than english. hahas. so funny

11-12-08_2345 ( this pic was actually taken from a previous time, also at chevrons, but sam room anyway)

after eating went west coast to slack from 130-3:

21-12-08_021121-12-08_0210climbed the triangular stringy thingy. fun, would have been more fun if wasn’t wearing a skirt.

slept at like 4 since my sis had to drop all 3 of her friends at their homes.

on monday went malaysia:

of course… to shop. so bought quite a bit of stuff, from city square, jusco, perling..

after shopping went to this lil’ seafood stall.


next to this tall broken down apartment place.


it was an illegal stall, but hte food is so cheap its so great.

imagine eating:

kangkong blachan

sambal squid

the whole big steamed fish ( the big one tt normally costs at least $20 at even kopitiams, here it only cost13RM! tts like $S5)


chicken pieces

mee hoon goreng

for 34RM! like OMG! so shiok! tts like 4 bucks  for a seafood dinner!

after tt AWESOME meal and after going to our little apartment there, went home


realised tt only singapore has lighted highways.

now today its the eve of christmas eve, cant wait for tmrw. i ‘m gg with my family to some fish farm in pulau ubin, to spend the night there.and after tt, we’re gg straight to see channie to celebrate her 1 month bday. hees.

cant wait. 🙂

oh and btw ive completely recovered from HFMD, the red spots on my hands and feet have blackened and dried! yay!, yet yuck!

3 responses to “i’m not done.

  • alexandra

    congratulations on your wonderful recovery!
    btw, don’t keep thinking about going back to school, just live for the present moment. if you keep thinking about things that make you unhappy, you’re really wasting time… 🙂

  • upandgone

    sheesh.. i know. but easier said than done.
    honestly, school know feels like IMPENDING DOOM to me.

  • alexandra

    haven’t you gotten used to it after 8 years of education? not counting preschool and kindergarten…

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