merry MERRY Xmas!

23-12-08_2154 its been a monumental, short yet sweet christmas.

and once again my family is as usual, generous. hahas 23-12-08_2224

here’re my presents: hehehehhehs

25-12-08_1652 not my biggest harvest, but it doesnt matter:) it feels great tt ppl are now giving me food and clothes, books and bags and not stickers and toys or notebooks now.

on Xmas eve, we went to pulau ubin, off the coast of s’pore, on a boat, in the rain, with the winds, and the cold.

but still, FUN!


this is the huge fish farm tt we arrived at:



every 2-3 hours, they lift this huge net out of a fish cathcment area.24-12-08_195424-12-08_1953and from above, use another net to scoop the fish out.

anyway, intersting thing ilearnt:

how to tell which gender crabs are:

24-12-08_19591this is male.

24-12-08_20003this is female

and this one is…

24-12-08_20011HEAVILY pregnant.

and these are..

24-12-08_2022 delicious.

24-12-08_2145this is the 2nd story of the house boat we stayed in for the night.

and this was the SUPERB view

it was so cool and the air was so i dunnno.. fresh?.there was NO better way to breathe. imagine staring out into the dark opaque sky with the glimmer of the lights from the kelongs reflecting unto the sea’s waves.


25-12-08_0707the house boat.

on crisp Xmas morning at 7, i awoke to this.


the ppl handling the place were professional fishermen, unlike me:


anyway, more on the view now:

25-12-08_0740 just.. wow.25-12-08_070525-12-08_0704

and stuff ppl the fishermen and the banglah workers did:


on the boatride back:

25-12-08_0957 i still cant get enough of the waves.

or my new month old niece, channie.


hehheh.. so funny. angelina jolie lips. 

” a baby is GOd’s way of telling people the world should still go on.”



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