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thus far.

i have been on and off attending new creation church11-01-09_1626

i like the church alot, cos it does not impose alot of presure onto new comers like many other churches do.

but it also means thare are lot of nonmembers like me in the church, which also means the church is awfully packed. ive been there so many times in the past year till now. and ive only been in the actual auditorium twice. and of those 2 times i never even got the chance to sit on a chair.

ridiculous right.

its a liiiittle bit unbearable la.

anyway yesterday i went to marina square with giselle after school to search for wallets.the ones i like are too expensive, the ones i sort of like are cheaper. but argh i cant be bothered.

other than our wandering search for wallets,we were eating at billy bombers for the first time:

23-01-09_1538betty’s roast chicken.

the portion was so huge i didnt eat the nest time after tt till this morning today

oh yumm. i’ll never go vegetarian.23-01-09_1540

here’s some cool pics gathered  over the past few weeks.




and some postsecret!



whew, havent posted in a while.

today the GCE O levels results came out. it gave me a shock of reality i thought i was sure i had already overcomed.

my mood just went down. i was happy for those tt did well, but the idea of my chinese O levels coming in what 5 months is so soon, its a little scary.

and of all days there had to be stupid chinese enrichment, to further emphasize the long way i had to go from attempting to get an A2. with limited dictionary help, a bit of memory from tuition, i managed to piece tgt a compo tt was succint and relatively smooth, sth i have come so far to being able to do. hahas

right now what i need is FAITH,

faith in the unknown and unpredictable future.

faith so that along the way i wouldnt give up.

faith in things beyond my control but under God’s.

i have been thinking about the idea of euthanesia alot, and it has alot to do with faith. put aside religon or rules, the concept of euthanesia is the complete denial of the power of human faith.

there’ve been people that come back from the brink of death. yes there are.

yes its often said people have the right to end their own lives, but some times rights and practicality are the most worthless argument. cos they’re self centred. and narrow minded. allowing euthanesia is like breaking up whenever a couple feels like they should, or allowing ppl to kill themselves everytime ppl feel suicidal. they have the right to what. why not.

cos human life is sacred. faith is why ppl go on after ppl have been beaten down half dead. its why ppl wake up from comas. or survive wars. they become an inspiration because their having faith paid off.

so now, though im not exactly at the ‘brink of death’, im gonna have faith anyway as an extra driving force.

i still have so much to undergo.

ANYWay, i cooked this today:12-01-09_1906


are we human, or are we dancers.

sorry for the title.

tmrw i’m going back to school. my o levels are in view now, after 3 years of preparing for them.

i was worried and nervous before, but now i’m in some weird, dunno-why, way welcoming the day to arrive.

not because i have no choice anyway, but i went for watchnight service yesterday, and i feel SO relieved. i think i’m ready.

well, not ready technically, cos i havent COMPLETED IN WHOLE any of my homework, except history. its ok, i know im screwed, but im not worried. i know what to do. i’m still a good student, teachers can trust me on some level i hope. hehehs.

on BOXING DAY, went to take my ic and ez link photos. turned out nice. hehs. met up with giselle to watch BEDTIME STORIES.

 good show, funny. storyline interesting enough.

oh and we went to a facial too. hehs.

the day after tt, i went to make my ic, collecting on the 20th.  so xian, everybody’s got their ic alr la, im like the only clown left.

after tt, went for communion at church with family relatives.


long history with this church. i was at this church for like lets see…5 years tilli decided to leave the place early 2007. i just couldnt bear the atmosphere there, esp with the youth. i couldnt make any realf riend throughout the entire period of time.

but now, lots of my family relatives are rooted to this church, and they seem happy. so, i dunno, im happy for them. i’m sortof, kind of atttending new creations. but it really annoys me tt ive only been in the actual auditorium once, and even then i was seating on the floor, the other times i was stuck at the overflow rooms. before the next service begins, ppl are alr queuing for the next next service. its crazy.

i dunno when i’ll stop wandering.

anyway here’s sth funny i saw at this cheena restaurant at paya lebar there.

27-12-08_1501 its a tad blur, but look at the 4th line.

” we hope to bring a FLESH air to the market.”

sure sure.

sth else funny i read in RD.

“Gay people invented sports. Think about it. Boxing: 2 topless men… in silk shorts…fighting over a belt.” ANT