are we human, or are we dancers.

sorry for the title.

tmrw i’m going back to school. my o levels are in view now, after 3 years of preparing for them.

i was worried and nervous before, but now i’m in some weird, dunno-why, way welcoming the day to arrive.

not because i have no choice anyway, but i went for watchnight service yesterday, and i feel SO relieved. i think i’m ready.

well, not ready technically, cos i havent COMPLETED IN WHOLE any of my homework, except history. its ok, i know im screwed, but im not worried. i know what to do. i’m still a good student, teachers can trust me on some level i hope. hehehs.

on BOXING DAY, went to take my ic and ez link photos. turned out nice. hehs. met up with giselle to watch BEDTIME STORIES.

 good show, funny. storyline interesting enough.

oh and we went to a facial too. hehs.

the day after tt, i went to make my ic, collecting on the 20th.  so xian, everybody’s got their ic alr la, im like the only clown left.

after tt, went for communion at church with family relatives.


long history with this church. i was at this church for like lets see…5 years tilli decided to leave the place early 2007. i just couldnt bear the atmosphere there, esp with the youth. i couldnt make any realf riend throughout the entire period of time.

but now, lots of my family relatives are rooted to this church, and they seem happy. so, i dunno, im happy for them. i’m sortof, kind of atttending new creations. but it really annoys me tt ive only been in the actual auditorium once, and even then i was seating on the floor, the other times i was stuck at the overflow rooms. before the next service begins, ppl are alr queuing for the next next service. its crazy.

i dunno when i’ll stop wandering.

anyway here’s sth funny i saw at this cheena restaurant at paya lebar there.

27-12-08_1501 its a tad blur, but look at the 4th line.

” we hope to bring a FLESH air to the market.”

sure sure.

sth else funny i read in RD.

“Gay people invented sports. Think about it. Boxing: 2 topless men… in silk shorts…fighting over a belt.” ANT

3 responses to “are we human, or are we dancers.

  • D0mN!

    The title is from one of the killers’ songs rite?

    I see you went to watch ur ‘appropriate Christmas movie’ haha XP(I dunno if u rmb anything of wat I said abt it, if not, just smile=D). I’ve watched it too. My friend says we picked the right movie.. Coz it’s got comedy, action, adventure and romance all in one, haha!

  • alexandra

    haha i like the last part of your post :] its a good effort on their part lol…
    i hope you had a good first day of school!
    [i’m not gloating here, i really hope so]

  • Bonzi

    yeh, its a stupid song. i dun like the killers.
    lingling-it was quite a good day. i feel settled in alr.

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