thus far.

i have been on and off attending new creation church11-01-09_1626

i like the church alot, cos it does not impose alot of presure onto new comers like many other churches do.

but it also means thare are lot of nonmembers like me in the church, which also means the church is awfully packed. ive been there so many times in the past year till now. and ive only been in the actual auditorium twice. and of those 2 times i never even got the chance to sit on a chair.

ridiculous right.

its a liiiittle bit unbearable la.

anyway yesterday i went to marina square with giselle after school to search for wallets.the ones i like are too expensive, the ones i sort of like are cheaper. but argh i cant be bothered.

other than our wandering search for wallets,we were eating at billy bombers for the first time:

23-01-09_1538betty’s roast chicken.

the portion was so huge i didnt eat the nest time after tt till this morning today

oh yumm. i’ll never go vegetarian.23-01-09_1540

here’s some cool pics gathered  over the past few weeks.




and some postsecret!

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