CNY09 and more.

25-01-09_1026on the 24 jan at me aunt’s house.

25-01-09_1024 my nephew nathan. he’s so cute. ahh.

i was asking him, smiling and chuckling at the same time,” ni zai zuo shen me?” ( what are you doing?)

then he said,” i zai zuo gou!” (i’m a dog!) omg, he’s so adorable. sigh.

anyway, less importantly, but still important,i finally did sth peranakan other than wearing nonya kebayas on racial harmony day and family gatherings.

i learnt to cook a peranakan dish!

woke up super early to go my aunt’s house learn: (she’s a super cook, i promise i’ll be there every day after my O levels man)25-01-09_0934

the smell is just like nutty and sweet. very tasty. its called iteckshio i think, sounds very jap though.

we ate it on saturday though, co s of the reunion dinner with my mum’s side of the family.

i cooked this for the reunion dinner too:

25-01-09_1754 its called…ehh..baked salmon topped with creamy cheesy mushroomy sauce. and then baked again with chopped parsely.

it doesnt just contain salmon and cheese and cream and parsely okay!

after the reunion i went with my sis to chinatown. horrendously packed. the financial recession has so not dampened the spirit. bought some sparks for the next day big family gathering at myhouse.

unfortunately, i was too lazy to get the pics from my father’s camera. but an yway it was really fun. channie’s first CNY. food was overwhelming. i cooked fried rice. ppl said it was good. hehehs. auntie lucy’s 60th bday. alot of meaning.

but the kids left early, so me, jane, sis and junning went to play with the sparks ourselves at bukit batok nature reserve.

a tinny bit scary place to be at 12-1.

last saturday we had a brunch with  my aunt’s family (mum’s side), go tto see jie min:

31-01-09_1338 it felt so nice carrying her cos it was                                                                         a super cold restaurant.

31-01-09_1339 31-01-09_1340and she was so warm.

she’s so easy to carry la. occasionally she kicks up her drumsticks in joy but other than that she’s very comfortable.

there’s a stark difference between the ppl from my mum’s side and my fahter’s side of the family. for one, my mum’s side speaks chinese and hokkien. and they’re realtively quiet ppl. my father’s side is almost no chinese at all ( peranakans mah), but a mix of hokkien, english and malay. and they are very loud and a lot of fun.

anyway, i saw this yesterday at westmall watsons.

06-02-09_2104 the phrasing could stand to be more subtle.

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