happy valentine’s an hour ago!


thank you sweet people!

i thought this year’s vibe was lower than that of last year’s. but my harvest was still greater. hehehs.

stuff i’ve been thinking about:

-can’t stand Zango.

-its sounded a little sad when OPRAH said, ” You dont have to be in love to enjoy valentine’s day.”

-its a fact: there are no real aphrodisiacs.

-whether i should cut my nails

-whether i should be mad about the teacher’s super last min notice tt there wasnt going to be SYF rehearsal today.

i was so damn pissed. it was supposed to be at 9. i wandered around school, couldnt find anynody anywhere. DID NOT have my phone.

so i made a couple of calls and then good thing valerie showed up early too. they sent out the sms at 8:53. wtf right.

“too many ppl couldnt make it.” SO? all the lower sec were going to be there since the was PTM, and the upper sec had to come to school anyway later in the morning! idiots.

waste my time.

PTM was boring. and hot. whole day was hot. now its hot. its been hot all week.

the grass everywhere is browning. very sad.Go to fullsize image

you know what else is sad?

that my club’s teachers say we’re aiming for an SYF gold.

that i havent watched benjamin button.

that i have, as of now, cut my nails already in the span of time i took to write  to this point.

i always leave my nails long for so long that when i cut them i lose my ‘sense of proximity’ in my fingers, for like a day.

i’m very random today, gosh.

i dont care much for valentines day.

if you have the heart, every day is already special enough.♥


One response to “happy valentine’s an hour ago!

  • D0mN!

    HAPPY VALENTINE’S! 😀 and dun be sad, LOL.

    PS: i c my haphazard plastic bag, haha! it turned out useful for the guys in my class who didn’t bring bags 😀

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