CNY09 photos

finally got the photos..!

i realise alot of things go into a nice CNY celebration.

first and foremost there’s the glorious food:


and MY FRIED RICE (applause)


definitely a little bit of nathanp1010868

just to be sure: nathan is the lil dark devil there.

p1010867he ain’t heavy..okay yes he is.

oh and did i mention i have a newborn sister?p1010898

(relax its my cousin’s kid)

and then the after party late night mischief:

dsc01712dsc01713dsc01714hehs. we set the whole box of sparklers on fire. it exploded on both ends and it was so cool. these photos really do no justice to the coolness of what really happened.

this week was rather slack. not much homework was given. not really tied down by remedials. but weirdly i felt exhausted throughout the week.i’m guessing it was because i kept going ou t at night.

one of the nights this last week i saw this:

18-02-09_2226 dunno what happened. it was a quiet night. this little boy was taken away on a stretcher. hope he’s turned out okay.

this other night went to essential BREW’s. got dessert discount!

24-02-09_2229green tea cheesecake.

doesn;t look like very much. but it was really tasteful.

oh and ive been keeping up with american idol after hollywood week. somehow i always seem to miss hollywood week every season.

i thought this adam lambert guy was cute.

but it turns out he may be gay.

and in a sombre tone i was like  “no..!”

why?why gay? why?!WHY!


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