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there’s alot of things i enjoy:

like seeing channie:     dsc01726

last sunday we went out. first to vittles for dinner!

the wait was really long. it was FULL house and i think the food took 1 and a half hour to come. that is just horrible la.

so channie got bored and started stretching:

dsc01731cute right!

oh i also enjoy durians. we ate till 12.dsc01737

talked alot. it was really fun. though i got home at 1, it was worth it for me. dsc01738(zhili,minli,chuting,channie jane)

i also enjoy brownies alot.

14-03-09_2108 asked for it to be served ‘extra hot’. so the chocolate can melt into the brownie. one of the best brownies ive tasted.

my sis and i went mcafe for dessert on sat. i think i actually prefer mcafe to mcdonalds itself.

14-03-09_2107 mcafe’s stuff is just so much more classy and a whole lot tastier. and prettier too. i mean look at that cream. so light.

on sat afternoon went to see a friend’s church. it feels like another addition to the collection of churched ive been.  the worship service was good. but i couldnt help but feel uncomfortable with the casual dress code of hte pastors.

but on the whole it was okay i guess.

went out yesterday to plaze sing. found this crazy belt.15-03-09_1914. bought some baby stuff for channie. this toy fish that flaps its fins and this giraffe in a toy car at the baby fair.

im really loving the march hols. gonna cut hair today. cca  and JE tmrw!

anyway, there’s something tt ive prob been thinking bout for years:

what are hot dogs madeof?


Hot dogs are not actually made out of pig snouts or meat scraps left on the floor, which is a very popular belief. They are usually made of a blend of meats, usually chicken, beef, pork, or turkey and then meat fat, oatmeal, bread crumbs, various seasonings, and other ingredients. They are then mushed together and put into hot dog molds. Store bought hot dogs are put into cellulose casings, but homemade are usually made of intestines.

now you know.



i think this is the first time i’ve actually even recognised the existance of march holidays.

sec 4 life has just been so ongoing.

adam lambert is hot.♥

but march holidays, as usual, isnt going to be much of a holiday. the homework this year is parallel to that of last year’s june holiday work.

alot of things this year heightened as well.

like the huge importance placed on filing, and goal setting, and powerpoint slides on values.

rather shallow to me. feels very primary school. amateurish.

what was i talking about?  right, march hols.

things i want to do:

1.try the KFC snack $2.90 thing.

2.dilligently accomplish holiday homework for the first time.

3.exercise (pending)

4. perhaps start revising SA1. (did you know: the most conveneint thing is gonna happen : im having 3 exams, thankgodness theyre really heavy subjects, on the same day. so im guessing the INGENIOUS person tt planned this prob thought: “hmm.. why not put 3 exams on the same day, back to back, in order to  like maximise their potential!”


5. get a new phone. my current one’s keypad has completely disintegrated.

6. get a hair cut.

i’m off to enjoy my last break in a long time ahead.

…startin with supper.

if i were a boy. i think i could understand.

i was watching the U channel or maybe channel 8 show : nu ren da zhu yi (women on top). and the topic for tt ep was :

if you could choose in your supposed next life or in other words, reborn, would you rather be male or female.

i thought this was rather intersting.

Go to fullsize imageautomatically i thought. i would want to be female.

i mean i enjoy the perks of being a girl, i did. i’m not exactly a crybaby, but at least being a girl releases the restraint tt men have when on the verge of crying. they hold back their emotions, dreams and aspirations and opinions sometimes to the extremes just so they can be ‘more of a man’.

and to me, those things make me who i am, not just cos im a girl. so if i were born a man, i dunno if i can oversome tt stupid desire to appear more masculine and speak or do things freeely as i do as a girl.

but actually, being a woman is bad too.

there’s alot of hurtful things men do. though i iahve no expereice at all, its constantly a line by women who have been hurt before, and tt makes up like what ALOT of women?

and worst still, they will never understand cos they just cant dig out their emotions, which really is the basis of logic, sth theyre supposedly more inclined to.

and being a woman would also mean being mroe decisive,adpatable and intuitive. that is also very important

good htings about being a man…hmm.Go to fullsize image

i dunno, somehow i feel degraded when i think of myself as male. i guess i can read maps better. i would have been able to understand elecrtical circuits in lower sec. and have much better direction sense.

and i wouldnt have to experience the physical pain of childbirth.

or having hte luxury of not doing housework, or really anything outside of work. being more able to leave handling children to females.

hmm.. but truth be told. outside of childbirth pain. i wouldnt mind doing housework. i love making a place more homely. and i love kids. and i would love to cook.

but i also need to work. i doubt i could stay at home all hte time and be a housewife as my career.

i think the best case sccenario is to be born female but having the big picture mindset of a male, but the nurturistic and verbal ability of females.



complete balance.


once again im not sure.

this is intersting too:

Whatever You Give A Woman, She Will Make Greater

Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater.

If you give her a house, she’ll give you a home.

If you give her groceries, she’ll give you a meal.

If you give her a smile, she’ll give you her heart.

She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.

So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.”