i think this is the first time i’ve actually even recognised the existance of march holidays.

sec 4 life has just been so ongoing.

adam lambert is hot.♥

but march holidays, as usual, isnt going to be much of a holiday. the homework this year is parallel to that of last year’s june holiday work.

alot of things this year heightened as well.

like the huge importance placed on filing, and goal setting, and powerpoint slides on values.

rather shallow to me. feels very primary school. amateurish.

what was i talking about?  right, march hols.

things i want to do:

1.try the KFC snack $2.90 thing.

2.dilligently accomplish holiday homework for the first time.

3.exercise (pending)

4. perhaps start revising SA1. (did you know: the most conveneint thing is gonna happen : im having 3 exams, thankgodness theyre really heavy subjects, on the same day. so im guessing the INGENIOUS person tt planned this prob thought: “hmm.. why not put 3 exams on the same day, back to back, in order to  like maximise their potential!”


5. get a new phone. my current one’s keypad has completely disintegrated.

6. get a hair cut.

i’m off to enjoy my last break in a long time ahead.

…startin with supper.

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