i’ve been so busy.

with school and cca.

but im still handling okay.. is importtant take breaks. and enjoy the perks here and there.

i still take time to cook.


that’s cheese and herbs rice.really good. made it last saturday. 😉

 oh and i got my self a new phone!

its my first phone that wasnt a pass down or a free gif

its so cool. it has this seasame senseme function that creats different kinds of playlists when i set what mood i’m at or what pace.

it takes real nice photos, plays even better music. it even has a  guitar tuner!

eeeeee–heee! so happy.

oh last night i drove! was at bukit nature reserve car park for like an hour. 40 mins deciding where to go next and 15 mins driving around the car park like 20 times.

eee-hheee! ecstacy.

really cool. maybe i WLL  learn to drive.

oh and also, i caught these 2 mosquito larvae into a plastic container. one died being caught under the rubber band. the other one has stopped moving for days.

it looks like this.

maybe they both died. i dunno.

i find it hard to believe my nutrturing skills are that horrible.

but impt thing to note. i found them in a water plant pot. even though my mum changed the water EVERY DAY, i believe the mosquito eggs held onto the sides of the pot or the money plant roots.

so when changing the water, clean out everything.



quote from scrubs: (bob kelso)

life is scary get used to it

there are no magical fixes

its all up to you

nothing in this world that’s worth having comes easy


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