i cant believe the kind of routine, boring, interminable (wow i rmb tt stupid book’s vocab), way the school feels to me right now.

so many things have just flew past me. week after week. every day feels short yet long. the monotony is long. but the details are short, because they centre around one thing.

and now with cca gone, all my energies are only channelled into school.

i mean, does this make sense. seriously. is it just singapore education system. cos im really considering migrating.

now im barely taking a breather before i have dinner, bathe and then go for tuition.

right now i’m hungry cos i couldnt find time to eat lunch cos of the onslaught of remedials. there was a break inbetween one but i had to study for bio mock.

how come i didn’t prepare for it earlier? cos i didn’t have the time. is tt an excuse? seriously, no.

i din think sec 4 life would be this boring. i don’t call having sth to do every second exciting, at all.

my exams are in a week and i have not started revision. its okay. i’ll see how it goes. 🙂

anyway, some impt things tt happened:

1.there was SYF. i still wanna annihilate the monkey who dragged the table across the stage. or the OM for walking around loudly backstage with his stupid shoes and knocking over stuff. or the clown responsible for the delay of the bus.

BUT i am very proud of all the rest. i know we got a bronze but i’m sincerly happy. i mean a silver would have been fantastic. if we got a gold i would have jumped off the school building. but a bronze is great.

it  was a challenging play. it was a difficuly play because it was about the rich and upper class society, so there was alot of subtext. so its alot to handle.

and to me drama is still the most difficult performing arts. every single detail has a meaning attached to it. every word, change of tone, slight glance or movement, down to the colour of your costumes,shoes, even the lighting, how dim how bright what colour what degree variation which part of the stage, sybolizes what, and also music, what kind of tone can really bring out the essence of the play.

putting up an SYF play is a challenge.

anyway that’s over.

 2. last week was hell week, really

i had what 7 ,9 tests, so many damn mocks. like7 practice papers. NAPHA after SYF day.

3.hmm i cant rmb everything else. see this is how the monotony gets to you.


4 responses to “surreal.

  • shuyuan

    heys minli, we must survive on together! 😀 jia you. (:

  • alexandra

    come on, you can do it!!!
    sounds like you’re having it a whole lot harder than i imagined.
    who’s the monkey and the clown?? i wanna know this one so badly.
    and if you guys had gotten gold, i think me and akanksha would do the same.except we’d do it in’s got 2 more floors than swiss(:
    about the tests: keep up the steam girl! rmb though to conserve your energy for your last lap!
    i should look at this space more often (:

  • upandgone

    i don’t know who they are. i din bother to go find out anyway. hahas

  • alexandra

    eeee you’re such a spoiler!!!
    i wanna know the monkey and the clown!
    my bet:

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