hey i’m alive!


last last friday after my complaining about school  boredom i went out

and i found this near bukit batok mrt and like 1:22 am!dsc00199

dsc00201newspapaers, all printed and packed for the day! cool shit.

the last week was my first week of revision, last week before SA1.

it was CRAZY cos it soon dawned upon  me tt i reaaallly should hav started revision earlier.

but nontheless, made it through!

during studying: i uncovered the biggest chip ever!

dsc00214 (!)

on seperate occcasion:

dsc00222 all prepared to study!

dsc00220 went out to relax on friday to clarque clark? quey  key?

so many damn angmo’s. so many. was afraid i’d catch the swine flu H1N1 virus?

cos i had really bad cold yesterday.

its strange though, i checked the symptoms. no flu. fever, sore throat headache, but no flu.


cupcakes  i won in a bet on friday with my sis:  dsc00227

dsc00229banehneh chocolate chip walnut muffin

went to friend’s house on sat. invaded her hamster’s privacy for hours.dsc00241

went to see channnie sat night.


happy channie



serious channie



obsessed with feet channie


random cool pic i took.dsc00196

anyway back to SA1, had english and chinese P1 yesterday. my chinese has improved dramatically. never did a chinese compo exam with tt kind of confidence. pretty happy. thanks to my tuition teacher, andd…wu lao shi. cos she’s so damn nice.

english compo was okay. i tried those one word essays for the first time. PASSSION. if i do it well i’m sticking to one word essays cos i keep doing averagely good for exppos and argumentative.

today there was  bio ss and poa. WOW. glad tts over.

 ss was good. bio wasGo to fullsize image.poa was good.

so exhausted. gonna slack for a while. and then study organic chem.

One response to “hey i’m alive!

  • alexandra

    ahaha yea you survived!
    haha i miss you and your nonsense,how sweet is that?
    you have fun yea? keep up the crapping nature! (:

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