on friday went to JP to watch wolverine:

Go to fullsize image very good show.

stuff tt was really good:

1. hugh jackman being naked in one scene

2. the twist with logan’s girl

3. funny gambit


stuff tt was really bad:

1.where was james marsden?! where?

2. not sticking to the storyline

-wolverine and sabretooth were never brothers!


but overall, it was really entetaining. left me wanting to watch more.


on saturday i did nothing, or rather, everything i wanted to do.

i played pool watched tv practise my guitar-playing watched scrubs and harper’s and had and afternoon nap and late supper out.


on sunday i finally went out shopping with my sis the whole day! went raffles city, suntec all the other surrrounding places so many names. bought 2 super nice fox tops and one super cute dress for channie.

suppered at dunno where last night again. was

today i rediscovered ‘wok of life’, the funniest best mediacorp production ever. ive watched like 8 episodes today. whew.


it feels so shiok doing the things i want to do. 🙂


oh yeah and american idol finals are coming.

now i support kris! particularly cos of  his ‘heartless’ rendition. so good. soo.. (ironically)HEART. so SOUL. so good. i think adam lambert relises too heavily on the dramtics of the lights and sounds works and his voice. its a wonder if he can do a simple guitar strumming performance w/o being over the top.

worth listening:


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