its over, no its not.

more and more i feel that my work is never done.

-there’s cca standown, yet arts night.

-chinese o levels, yet orals in july

-june vacation, yet 2 weeks june revision in school

-sa1s over, but prelim a month plus away after june.


it think i’m most pissed about the june revision.

it think its freAKING RIDICULOUS that they’re making us come to shcool EVERYDAY for 2 weeks.

and its 8-1, minus assembly, with 15 minute breaks. its pratically a normal school day.

and with arts night rehearsal on thursday, and arts night itself on friday, i’ll be in school on friday from 8-10, no not 8-10, its 8 -10.

i’ll be working plus OT plus EOT.


i dont actually blame the school, i blame the people responsible for consistently pushing the O level dates earlier aand earlier.


its so unneccessary, its so pointless.

anyway i skipped school today. cos i was too tired, cos i slept  at 4, cos i was doing my flyer job


anyway recently i had this tonsil infection


i’m realising more and more that my immunity is disgusting

nice pic i took:




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