essence des arts


what a ridiculous event name.

wonder who came up with it.

yesterday was the aforementioned essence des arts. overall.. it to put it gently.. a sad waste of time.


but still,  doing the sounds lighting for once was fun. its interesting to see the play at tt level, tt view. yet at the same time, its almost as if there’s this magical barrier tt separates the rest of the ppl from the sound/lighting control room such tt no one can see us. and yet, we chave complete control all hte lights and music tt plays. its like being GOD.

but there was this creepy guy in charge tt cam in time to time but wasnt there during the actual performance. he was so protective over his controls, kinda neurotic.


 anyway i thought the cast performed really well. despite the horrendous display of ungraciousness by the band ppl tt came as audience. i mean, really, really UGLY.  ……….arrogant bastards.

you would think them acting like they have class and professionalism would  rub off on them a little. but no.



besides, i’m more angry about something else.


at the end of arts night, i went to look for the costumes that i had lent but the costumes in charge left for home. i went backstage to look for it but i wasnt ther either. its only thanks to my friends tt went back and searched for them.

talking about the backstage, i was horrified at what i saw down there.

EVERYTHING was in heaps. only one costume was hung up, the rest were stuffed in plastic bags! and there was this large cardboard box, tt was just crammed with rubbish. it was so disgraceful.

its not just about a messy backstage, its about personal pride. or rather insult.

i dont think i have ever been more disppointed at anything or anyone. 


had supperafterwards at lau pa sat. first time being there. or at least tt i could rmb.

was so tired i slept onthe drive home.


it was a  long night.

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