full cream milk

sorry for the title, i  couldnt think of anything.

anyway, tmrw’s the last day  of the june revision. thank  you swiss cottage for stealing half my holidays.

was at vivo on sun.


marche is awesome. but expensive.


got these at 3 for $10 at an art exhibition. they’re so cute.


and i also made muffins.

apple cinammon muffins.


but i forgot to take the pic of the muffins themselves. prob because they were the ugliest muffins ever made. but thats not the point. it still tasted good.


i’ve been doing practically nothing for the last 3 -4 days. i come home. i on the AC. i watch malcolm in the middle. i’ve watched like 3 seasons already. hehehs. its really great.

sth strange i saw:


really makes you go hmm.

its on a dustbin yet its looks new. iit has a newspaper strip on it so either it was wrapped up then torn out. the picture looked new and clean but the style of it looked old. and its facing outwards so  its prob a statement of some sort.

ah whatever.

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