malaysia truly asia

went malaysia last tues+wed (16/17june)

wasnt so great. cos johor is only good for shopping. and i was in no mood to shop.

so we jsut got around a few places.

there was this nice beach.


 apparently the only clean beach in johor. next to this secondary school


but there were like tons of dead crabs strewn all over the coastline. unfortunately there were itty baby ones. not much meat.

also, pa drove us all around johor. saw basically all of johor.

a common sight in johor is the unfinished buildings, the large advert banners,the desserted shopping malls. things move at a rather slow pace. maybe tt makes happier ppl.

this is where we stay at johor:


its a quiet little street.


i realise these siamese cats are also common in johor.

anyway malaysia was rather blah. my next holiday will be johns island ong family vacation august:)

speaking of family,  on sat was at cousin jen’s newly furnished classy condo apartment house warming BBQ.

DSC00408 600 thou. wow.

was a real nice place. had alot of fun. i was like everywhere. i sang karaoke, played pool, played with the kids, got to see channie.

OMG she’ s so cute.

i mean look at tt.



in her spongebob shirt.


and her cute hat.

she’s like i think 7-8 months old.she can hold her bottle, sit up a little and stuff.


but she’s still not very steady. (heehee)


yesterday(sun) i watched drag me to hell at cathay.

scary shit show.couldnt sleep last night. i used to laugh during scary movies but this time i kept shutting my eyes and ears. i wonder why ive become mmore cowardly.

im never watching scary movies AGAIN. and this 4th time i mean it.


found this interesting note yesterday too.


its handwriting was worse than mine. din get it.


cooked a little the past week.


pasta bread.



honey terriyaki salmon rice topped with walnuts.

looked messy but tasted awesome.



harper’s is getting cooler.

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