back to school ={

tmrw im heading back to school again.

pretty soon it’ll be orals, then prelims then O levels.

i used to worry about O levels but now i see it as but a stage.

so its no longer about it being getting thorugh a hurdle, but rather how well i can do so.

i really hope i can do well


i’ve also been thinking about whether my mum is going to go overseas or not

                                                    whether micheal jackson is REALLY REALLY dead

                               whether i’ll be able to go for a missions trip in the future

                     whether i’ll have a successful medical career

whether i should tell my sis i dun want her to take up motorcycling. 


on friday i watched ghosts of girlfriends past at cathay.


i actually thought it was a pretty good show. some guys should watch it

before tt had lunch with giselle at billybombersDSC00418

i did not know the vege was raw. i learnt the hard way. bleaghhxx.


anyway ive been DYING to complain about these new mrt posters.


i think they’re degrading and stupid.

and i think its even more degrading and stupid that ppl can still stare it in its face standing right in front of it.

i mean HOW HARD IS IT TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS, already given by yellow lines, stupid in-your-face PCK posters and out of tune videos?


anyway yesterday night after cineleisure me and my sis were at bukitbatok cc area walking around.

and we SAW this china man masterbating on a public chair out in the open.


oh god thank god it was dark so i barely saw anything

freak man.


i felt like choking.

i was screaming on the inside

i can remember his crazed look.

i was so worried he’ll follow us or sth


disturbing shit.

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