le kwa simi

okay havent blogged in A WHILE

lets see.

last last fridaywent to my cousin’s ROM.

i sped walk all they way home to rush off to the ROM and i was there the earliest. sigh.

but its all good. cos i got to see channie!

DSC00460 clever girl.

last last sat i think i went town with my sis. bought a shirt and i think my first tank top. after a long day of shopping wet to her friend’s house for dinner at panjang. then swung by to see channine again!


i witnessed her first attempts to crawl. 🙂


then last week was pretty blah. just school and back for 4 days. then NDP on friday. played swat with gisele for hours to complete 2 elite missions. sigh i suck.

oh yesterday me and my sis originally wanted to got to ECP. then on the bus passing through town there, we saw a flea market. and we could not resist.

and it was a good call! i bought prob my grad night dress for a super worth it 8 bucks and this lovely keychain.DSC00494

its so exquisite. also 8 bucks.


so then we threw away the ECP idea and walked around town.

ate dinner at billy bombers


when walking near the singapore river i saw this luminous cloud

DSC00488 haze maybe?


okay i prob should say sth about national day.

( i love blogging. forces me to refelct)


i think with many singpaoreans we have the “don’t know what you’ve got till its gone’ feel.

and it cant be helped. no amout of war stories, excessive campaigning or parades is gonna change the way we feel : nothing.

we have never fought for singapore. we have not done more than what the country wants us to do.


when it comes to singapore, everything can be looked at 2 perspectives.

1. our culture

a unique/ myriad of diverse culture OR total absense of a single unifying  distinguished culture.


2.our securty

unparalled. low crime rates OR vulnerable as hell. a scraping of a bomb could kill us all.


3.freedom of speech

ok this one. sensitive issue


4. our service level

world class service OR uncourteous arrogant ppl that rank one of the lowest in courtesy levels in SEA.


5. use of english

our english standards are actually much higher than angmo countries/ wide use of singlish crude and a ear sore.


so how do i really feel about singapore?

its a good place to be challenged. to work. to study. push yourself to the next level.

its a bad place to LIVE. hard to relax. you cant go fishing/ look at scenery/ climb mountains. you can however, go shopping, go flyer, sentosa, go shopping.

even though you don’t exactly need to live next to a moutaint to feel relaxed, i think our lack  of connection with nature is really bad. its prob why we feel no connection with singapore as a land but rather a place perfectly designed by modern man and his money making ambitions.



totally spoils the momentum but here are pics of my parents when they were like 20.







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