a sunday afternoon’s thoughts

its a boring sunday afternoon as usual.

i haven’t been out in 3 days. not out shopping/ having fun. but out of the door.

i got a really high fever on friday in school. here’s what happened.

in the morning i forgot to bring my thermometer. its not that a big a deal but you see i have a highly exaggerative form teacher. any of my classmates can attest to that. he prob thinks it’ll make us take things more seriously in accord to his tone. but it really has the opposite effect.


i thought i was screwed cos of all the times we had to take temperature, i felt that then was the only time i actually had a damn fever. (arghh..the irony!!)

so i pretended to do random stuff and even went to the toilet to wash my thermometer to complete the illusion.(now that is commitment!)

but i still felt horrible cos i could actually be seriously ill but i couldnt take my temp. coconut vera thought it was paranoia.i just felt tired and dizzy throughout  BIO SPA and POA.then during recess all the symptoms begin to pile. the sore throat the headache the cold yet the heat, came out full force.

so i used a friend’s thermometer. and it was like 38 degrees. so i thought,” ok there’s a chance im prob sick.”

so me and 3 other sick classmates went thorugh  the motions of taking temp, writing parents contact no., wearing ugly mask. stuff like that.

but the whole process took more than an hour. so i had alot of time to think while i pretended the heat around my head was sauna treatment.

then i realised if i had not forgotten to bring my thermometer i might have prob have to miss O level Bio SPA. funny how things work out. really.


i just remembered: the last time my parents had to be contacted cos i wasn’t feeling well was when i was early primary i think. when i think about it i laugh.

when i was young lots of weird random ideas always came to my head .so one day this idea came into my head to take a large breath. but the large intake of air felt so good i took another one. and i couldnt stop.

the teachers thought i was having an asthma attack.

ahhh..so funnnnaayy.

i also thought i was. i mean, i was too young to recognise the difference between conscious and unconscious actions unless it meant whether i was guilty. and i didn’t feel guilty. but anyway, the point is, i was a funny kid.


since i have plenty of time now ive been reading  ‘veronika decides to die’  by paulo coelho.



intersting extract:

‘ it was a shame that Allah, Jehovah, God- it didn’t matter what name you gave him- did not live in this world today, because if He did, we would still be in paradise, while He would be mired in appeals, requests, demands injunctions, preliminary verdicts, and would have to justify to innumerable tribunals His decision to expel Adam and Eve from for breaking an arbituary rule that has no  foundation in law: of  the tree of knowlege that thou shalt not eat.

If He had not wanted that to happen, why did He put the tree in the midst of the garden and not outside the walls of paradise? If she were called upon to defend the couple, Mari would undoubtedly accuse God of administrative negligence, because, as well as planting the tree in the wrong place, He had failed to surround it with warnings and barriers, had failed to adopt even minimal security arrangments, and had thus exposed everyone to danger.

Mari could also accuse him of inducement to crimminal activity, for He had pointed out exactly where the tree was to be found. If He had said nothing, generation upon generation would have passed on this earth without anyone giving the slightest interest in the forbidden fruit, since the tree was presumably in a forest full of similar trees, and therefore, of no particular value.

But God had proceeded quite differently. He had devised a rule, and then found a way of persuading someone to break it, merely in order to invent Punishment”

there are obvious loopholes in that theory but i still think it’s really interesting.






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