hell of a week

okay its been a really long week.


 on monday i finished reading the book ‘veronika decides to die’

its a really good book, but even more so the cover is just so pretty


its so oddly inspiring.

its about this girl that survives suicide and wakes up in a mental hospital where she finds out that she has only a week to live. she doesnt feel sad about the fact that she has only so little time but rather the fact that now her death would be slow and possibly painful.

long story short through the experience of talking to all the mad people in the institute, she finds the will to live, for the few days that she has left.

on the last hour of the last day she sleeps in the arms of the man she has come to love dearly and awaits death. but then she wakes up. and behold a miracle has happpened. she has been given the chance to live just when she most wants to.

in the end it was revealed that the mental institute doctor has purposefully told her she was going to die in order to let her recognise death in order to recognise life. he even drugged her daily to simulate the effects of a heart attack to let her taste death.

but it all doesnt matter. each day is still a miracle. it really is, if you consider all the fragilities of life. there are tumours that can go undetected till the day it kills you.

recognising death to recognise life. very intersting.


oh and my sis made soup again.



on wednesday i had english oral.

oral was really boring.pic was on ppl moving plants.conversation was tell me bout a time when you helped someone.  god it was boring.


friday it was the most packed.

ihad integration kinematics math test. then a 2.5 hour math mock. and then a history remedial. in between one of those i went to check up on the drama club. those clowns have to do a perforamnce for teacher’s day. AHAHAHAHAHA.

my parents picked me up from school to go celebrate my father’s and sis’ bday.

we had good bali food at this strange secluded isolated place.

then we went mount faber.





trying to get up on the rock.


my father noticed a dog.





singaporeans. disgusting.



at home.P1050480P1050481P1050482

cake was amazing.


and i found pics of this really cute kid.



something i found while shopping fo longans for PE on thurs.



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