i woke up at 12 today

lets see.

last sunday as a small token of thanks to my chinese tuition teacher,

i made fillet de sole au vin.


and prawn fritters for her and left them at her door.


i dunno. im still really happy bout my chinese. hearing wu lao shi praise me was really wonderful. and when i think about how well i did i realise if i work hard i really can do anything.


so yesterday my prelims started. ss and english

 for english i wrote one word essay again. i love wrting one word essays. this time it was DARING.

i wrote about the guy that created facebook t o show that being daring was the only way to achieve extraordinary things.

and then i ended off with scrubs quote: nothing in this life that’s worth having comes easy.


yeah man.

or better off, 50cent quote:you gottto be fearless. you gotto study your enemy. and most of all, you gotto have balls! (does action with hands)


so after prelims yesterday went giselle’s house to pick up her geog books, finally tried seaweed shaker fires. expensive shit.

then went to westmall to have lunch with alex. she was supposed to treat me but then of all days i had zero appetite. in the end, i drank mostly ice water. wao lao ehhh. oh but i tried the new durian ice cream at swensens. fantastic except for the i dunno.. atachi seeds? is that what they were? sub jelly sub longan thing. tasted horrible.

after that went home, play swat with giselle. then went out again, had dinner at jp with my sis at crystal jade xiao long bao. had very good la mian. most deceptively ordinary food i ever tasted.


then what else ..walked aroung jp alot. got home at about12. watched niga higa till late. and yes i woke up at 12 today.


this is very funny:



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