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i’m on my way

o levels are exactly a month away

safe to say i should start studying. hees.

its getting harder and harder to gauge my performance. like for prelims i gotA’s for everything except for humans which was like c6. and of the A’s only one was A2 which was bio. even though i studied the hardest for humans and the least for everything else.

has the world gone crazy?

i’ve been trying to see where on earth i went wrong with humans but i can’t. its so hard to forget the possibility that humans is really just a ‘luck’ subject and there’s nothing i can do about it. no no dont think it…it must be that im an idiot.

so anyway im pretty happy about my results esp first A1 in swiss cottage for english. but i know i can do even better.

i’m ready to do whatever it takes. to go SAJC! 😉

later im off to study at macs with a friend thengoing to watch F1 at some gathering/party. sounds cool.

videos that may be worth wtching:



Go to fullsize image i love fringe


pulauUBIN 5-6sept09

during the weekend the ong family went for a well-deserved holiday.

it was alot of fun:)

first we met up at the marine club.



then we took the ferry down to pulau ubin resort

DSC00537how polite:)

after which we took a long walk to this local man’s drink store.


can you believe he’s 80

plus he’s a millionaire. (!!)

the we took an even longer walk to the bicycle rental place. on the way we did some sight seeing.




best pic.




once we got our bikes we cycled to chek jawa.


DSC05026 by limnelly.


we were not aware then that the journey would kill us.

but for a good cause.

very lovely scenery. though slightly stinky.




DSC00564 age.


we had much fascination with fiddler crabs

and mangrove tree roots

DSC05012 by limnelly.



hee! nathan sees you! 

DSC04936 by limnelly.



 scary tree at chek jawa

DSC04977 by limnelly.
we cycled back.cleaned up.
we then had dinner.but since the adults were too tired to cycle out, only a few of us went out for dinner.
but by then it was really dark so we cycled in the night. which was so fun!
it was so dark we couldnt see each other. hee:)
after cycling back. we cleaned up again and then went to the fish farm, the one i went to last year for my bday.
once we got back we were so shagged we died immediantly.
in the morning we cycled to return pur bikes and had to walk back after that.
some were too exhausted.
when we got back to the chalet we molested this super adorable black puppy
DSC05046 by limnelly.
DSC05050 by limnelly.funny faces!
farewell photo:
DSC05057 by limnelly.
DSC05086 by limnelly.
ferry back to the marine club:


my sunburn did not become suntan 😦

back at the marine club:

my father’s treasure. his flying boat.


it doesnt have its ‘cape’ on

but overall it was a great trip. second to the desaru trip 🙂


wait there was also the last week.


tuesday me, my sis, jane and chuting had plans to got to sentosa.

but then it rained. so we spent the whole day at vivo.

ate at earl swensens




i decided not to show my chocolate stained teeth


THEN we went to west coast to snack and chill 🙂

THEN we went to see channie.

THEN we went out with channie for nasi lemak and beancurd. channie was very funny that night.


heehee.  love her.

i had A math prelims on thursday and POA on friday.

they were fun

 🙂 great week.