i’m on my way

o levels are exactly a month away

safe to say i should start studying. hees.

its getting harder and harder to gauge my performance. like for prelims i gotA’s for everything except for humans which was like c6. and of the A’s only one was A2 which was bio. even though i studied the hardest for humans and the least for everything else.

has the world gone crazy?

i’ve been trying to see where on earth i went wrong with humans but i can’t. its so hard to forget the possibility that humans is really just a ‘luck’ subject and there’s nothing i can do about it. no no dont think it…it must be that im an idiot.

so anyway im pretty happy about my results esp english.my first A1 in swiss cottage for english. but i know i can do even better.

i’m ready to do whatever it takes. to go SAJC! 😉

later im off to study at macs with a friend thengoing to watch F1 at some gathering/party. sounds cool.

videos that may be worth wtching:



Go to fullsize image i love fringe

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