Monthly Archives: October 2009

its not ok, but im alright

wow its been a while since i blogged

ive had really boring weeks. coming home trying to study end up watching tv, going back to study drift off to sleep somehow

a couple  and the only highlights:

i sort off got a live show of  F1 in the city area. my aunt invited my family to her office which overlooked the city skyline




had a casual dinner there too.

 went to see channie last sat. din get any photos though.  but she has so many new stunts. hees.

she does tribal calls and makes kissy noises. hee

i made cheesy spinach risotto. from a packet. tastes like crap


yesterday (actually 2 days ago) on friday was kinda special.

the teachers put together a commermorative assembly programme for graduating classes. i thought it was pretty meaningful. and timely. just that day i was wondering how sad it would be not feeling anything leaving swiss.

i know i havent bonded with my class much. I’m still 10 times closer to my old lower sec classmates that classmates from my current 4e3. chemistry i guess

which means i’ll prob miss my old classmates the most, and definitely my cca peers 🙂 love them all. ok not love, like ALOT.

well anyway, it made me rmb the whole school experince. i th ink its better to feel sad than nothing at all.


so other than that,

there was a frizbee game. which i didn’t take part in. for many reasons but mostly because i hate sweating unnecessarily.

then there was pizza. which i couldn’t eat cos i was oddly full despite not having eaten much. i took a bite and gave the rest away.

and then there was the night study which was pretty inefffective. i did half a math paper and explained chem stuff to valerie. other than that it was just talking, walking, taking in the studying atmosphere. surprising the canteen was really packed.


but anyway,

its a week before O levels as of now.



oh and i was excited about grad night too cos i had the perfect damn 8 dollar dress and some clowns had to come up with the stupidest theme known to man. FANTASY. god. and i thought retro was stupid.

but fine i’ll think of something. all i got is goth but that isnt exactly fantasy.


oh well. o levels first. grad night second. channie third.

HAHAHAHHA yeah right.

just joking.

but seriously.


funniest thing i’ve seen in a while