i dun care its over

yay O levels are practically over

definitely more relief than joy

last few weeks has just been so boring


so boring i kept taking pics.

and now after all that ‘education’ i cant help feeling it was largely a waste of time

but oh well, exposure is good.


now i have to decide between jc and poly. i prob can go jc but the thought of studying chinese again frightens me. not that i hate chinse..i mean  ya its a beautiful language and so on, but urgh its .. not my style sorry. cos its my style, not your style. .. my style.

when i look at boimedical sciences course stuff its just so cool. immunology,  haemotology.. my style.

i’m just worried that by going jc my chances of going U goes down by alot. well i’ll just have to work hard i guess, either way.argh someone help me decide!


so anyway,

right after bio p2 last fridday

went  to some less grand than expected my sis’s bf’s army thing to have free dinner


after which we went to see channie! then we went geylang eat supper



then on saturday i went to get all my grad night stuff at far east plaza and lucky plaza i think.

that’s right, ALL. HA




then on sunday we went swimming at bun’s house.

natalie and nathan were around too.


channie’s first swim!


channie’s birthday is coming up! hee.


 yesterday on mo nday i went to my sis’s workplace to learn what to do on the job. gonna start work on sunday i think. whee. i love earning money.$$$


i’ve been seeing christmas deco in town alr:) can’t wait.

this year has been really long for me. ppl kept saying O levels is like whooosh and its gone.  that is just palatypus shit.but even with the many things that have happened this yeari realise its about to be even more changes happening.

my mum’s working overseas for 3 years next year, my sis’ studying overseas for 2 years starting march. so i guess i will have to start renting out rooms and  yay get $$.

i’m not too worried cos i can do alot of things by myself alr. i mean i can cook,  clean, move around. but i guess i’ll be pretty lonely. but its important that my mum and sis go, its an opportunity they cant miss no matter what. it’ll affect them alot, and it’ll give them to chance to see what they want to do in the future.



2 responses to “i dun care its over

  • a bun's gf?


    we shud give channie a swimsuit for her birthday. complete with goggles and flippers. since she likes the water.
    nxt year we’ll get her a diving suit and her own oxygen tank.

  • upandgone

    i dunno. that sounds over ambitious
    i mean..we dont know how capable she is yet.

    i think a boat will do for now.

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