new blogskin!

heheheheh. finally.

feel like a snake.



i finished up O levels on friday. yay!

there’s so many things coming up, so much stuff i wanna do!
i wanna learn malay, go for grad night, learn cooking, go for the many chalets and BBQs, do some charity work and there’s also channie’s bday!!

right now i’m kinda working. my first day today. hee

but i’m not very good.

one lady came in just now and asked,”when are your english creative writing classes?” and i was like:

“i dunno. i concentrate on myself.”

damn im terrible. but i’ll do anything for 5obucks. oops sounds funny.


tmrw im getting  my hair extension thingy at far east. wonder how it’ll look 🙂

then i’ll get to see my entire goth look. if i like it and slip into the dark side after this then so be it.

to in ject some meaning into this pointless post:



I hate to wake you  up to say goodbye.

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