fun week

wow i’ve been busy this week.

there was a bit of work.

then there was grad night on tuesday

my first time using fake lashes 🙂

concorde hotel motel hoilday inn!

food was average

then there was like an hour of photo taking with various ppl

after grad night i played pool for a while, had supper and reached home late.

the next day giselle came over to help me cook fried rice for 4e3 class chalet at costa sands resort

it was kinda boring. but i had this little truth or dare turn surprising discussion with a couple of girls.  it was pretty intersting. first time i ever felt close to anyone in the class.

i guess all our class needed wasn’t more phtotos or outings. we just needed to speak the truth to one another.

i slept for bout one and a half hours that night at the chalet and the next day i went to buy channie’s gift with my sis at marina square and millenia walk.

hope she’ll be as happy as that

last week my sis made peanut butter meringue



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