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going vietnam tmrw!

i’m going vietnam tmrw for bout a week, so i decided to check it out a bit first cos i know nothing except that the viatnamese in viatnam speak vietnamese. so here’s what i got:

+With a population of over 86 million, Vietnam is the 13th most populous country in the world.

+they’ve had a pretty tumultous political history. shortly after gaining independance from china in AD938, vietnam’s many dynasties expanded themselves geographically and politically into southeast asia. then came the french colonization, followed by resistance, expulsion and division, forming the 2 sides in the vietnam war.

+About 85% of Vietnamese identify with Buddhism, though not all practice on a regular basis.

+Vietnam is deeply suspicious and wary of Roman Catholicism.

+In Vietnam, education from age 6 to 11 is free and mandatory.

man, that wasn’t very intersting.shouldn’t have wasted my time.


anyway, watched avatar on boxing day.


visited channie first to ask for her permission

Avatar posters

went to 3 dif cinemas to avoid bad timing and seating, in the end, had to take first row at like 11 plus. xian. but i was ok it was a really good show, worth the effort.

its about this planet called pandora. humans cant breathe in its atmosphere so scietists created alien-human hybrids, hence the name avatars, for the split purpose of  exploiting its forest for econommic gains and for the sake of curiosity and wonderment.

jake sully, in avatar form, meets neytiri in pandora. the greedy military destroys their hometrees with jake’s help as his acceptance into the tribe gives him a close understanding of its inner workings. neyiri is betrayed. jake returns on a grand dragon,making him a hero, she trusts him again. (?) together they defeat the military. the tribe transforms him into a real alien, they live happily tgt.

woa, best synopsis ever.

movie ended at like 3, but we were hungry so we went geylang for supper. had damn goood  hor fun. slept at 4.


yesterday i designed stones with my friend to sell. my best creation:


good joke i read yesterday:

a sick man goes to his doctor and says,” so how much time do i have left, doc?”

“its 10”

“10 w hat? years? months? weeks?”




attention attention!

The date of release of the 2009 GCE O-Level Examination results has tentatively been scheduled to fall within the period between
11 January and 13 January 2010.


xmas hols

man xmas is over.

looking at my photos i took over the hols, i realise they’re mostly of food and channie.

last week my aunt taught me how to make

. pumpkin prawns

its seriously one of the best things i’ve ever tasted. thick creamy texture, fragant and de-licious

.and sambal pork, also fantastic

i also watched storm warriors


its really really bad.worst show i ever watched. the best part was when the annoying girl that kept screeching “feng ge ge!”died a horrible death.

anyway i had a great X’mas eve dinner with the big family. 

roast beef.gotto love the meat.

mexican chicken w cheese. yumm

 channie got into the christmas mood.

nathan found his calling

yesterday i went to see bodyworlds

View Image

it was pretty cool.the human body is truly fascinating. disgusitng, but fascinating.

then we also went to see the rest of sciencce centre.

had dinner at pick and olive i think

ohand presenting…..

my b’day gifts this x’mas!

salmon and mushroom baked rice.

the holidays have been awesome.

new moon sucks+christmas list

i watched new moon yesterday

it sucks. dun watch it, wait for it to get online

'New Moon' poster with Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart

reasons for sucking:

1.over obvious attempt to input as many shirtless guys as possible into every scene.

2.edward’s sudden departure. one day they’re all happy and good then the next day “this is the last time  you’ll ever see me.”(followed by bella’s weird choking)

3.edward from being sexy and mysterious in the first movie to becoming pathetic and pale in this one

4.close resemblance to typical romeo and juliet death scene.

i give it 5/10.


christmas is coming in a matter of weeks.

Go to fullsize image

things i wanna get for myself: (but prob won’t)

.new jacket

.my first pair of waking shoes

.flax oil

.paint room

.swim top

.new stir fry scoop



channie’s 1stbday

lots of stuff happeneed in the past 2 wweeks. at least the stuff i can rmb.

there was swiss open house was pretty interesting cos it was hte first one where i actually had hte chance to go around all hte booths and get to experience all the sights and sounds.

after that went to sheena’s chalet bday was fun seeing all the e1 ppl again:)

then there was channie’s 1st bday!! 22novo9.

to see channie’s MV evacuate the dance floor:

last thursday/friday cant rmb i went to drama club POP. performance was funny. food was good. company was great.

after the POP i went to eat at i think orchard central and watch 2o12

superb green tea ice cream

im beginning to really like salads

2012 is a horrific show. storyline  bad, visuals too visual

2012 movie poster.jpg

ther are some parts where these huge pieces of land just get swept into the seas, it was like woh

2012 movie poster slice.jpg

and the frigthening thing about the show is that it looks so now that what could happen could happen anytime soon, not 3 years later. its really got me thinking at first, but once again i have ignored as much as possible thinking about questioning my existance on earth

last saturday i got my first flu jab, going vietnam soon. minimal pain.


on sunday went out with cousins and sis to town area.

highlight: channie’s pampers exploeded on me.

monday i went looking around with giselle for jobs again, seeing that no one has called me the past week.

today i had massvie lunch buffet salad bar at sizzlers in town.

11.99++for free flow of salad bar, soups and ice cream.


going again soon no doubt.