channie’s 1stbday

lots of stuff happeneed in the past 2 wweeks. at least the stuff i can rmb.

there was swiss open house was pretty interesting cos it was hte first one where i actually had hte chance to go around all hte booths and get to experience all the sights and sounds.

after that went to sheena’s chalet bday was fun seeing all the e1 ppl again:)

then there was channie’s 1st bday!! 22novo9.

to see channie’s MV evacuate the dance floor:

last thursday/friday cant rmb i went to drama club POP. performance was funny. food was good. company was great.

after the POP i went to eat at i think orchard central and watch 2o12

superb green tea ice cream

im beginning to really like salads

2012 is a horrific show. storyline  bad, visuals too visual

2012 movie poster.jpg

ther are some parts where these huge pieces of land just get swept into the seas, it was like woh

2012 movie poster slice.jpg

and the frigthening thing about the show is that it looks so now that what could happen could happen anytime soon, not 3 years later. its really got me thinking at first, but once again i have ignored as much as possible thinking about questioning my existance on earth

last saturday i got my first flu jab, going vietnam soon. minimal pain.


on sunday went out with cousins and sis to town area.

highlight: channie’s pampers exploeded on me.

monday i went looking around with giselle for jobs again, seeing that no one has called me the past week.

today i had massvie lunch buffet salad bar at sizzlers in town.

11.99++for free flow of salad bar, soups and ice cream.


going again soon no doubt.

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