new moon sucks+christmas list

i watched new moon yesterday

it sucks. dun watch it, wait for it to get online

'New Moon' poster with Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart

reasons for sucking:

1.over obvious attempt to input as many shirtless guys as possible into every scene.

2.edward’s sudden departure. one day they’re all happy and good then the next day “this is the last time  you’ll ever see me.”(followed by bella’s weird choking)

3.edward from being sexy and mysterious in the first movie to becoming pathetic and pale in this one

4.close resemblance to typical romeo and juliet death scene.

i give it 5/10.


christmas is coming in a matter of weeks.

Go to fullsize image

things i wanna get for myself: (but prob won’t)

.new jacket

.my first pair of waking shoes

.flax oil

.paint room

.swim top

.new stir fry scoop




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