xmas hols

man xmas is over.

looking at my photos i took over the hols, i realise they’re mostly of food and channie.

last week my aunt taught me how to make

. pumpkin prawns

its seriously one of the best things i’ve ever tasted. thick creamy texture, fragant and de-licious

.and sambal pork, also fantastic

i also watched storm warriors


its really really bad.worst show i ever watched. the best part was when the annoying girl that kept screeching “feng ge ge!”died a horrible death.

anyway i had a great X’mas eve dinner with the big family. 

roast beef.gotto love the meat.

mexican chicken w cheese. yumm

 channie got into the christmas mood.

nathan found his calling

yesterday i went to see bodyworlds

View Image

it was pretty cool.the human body is truly fascinating. disgusitng, but fascinating.

then we also went to see the rest of sciencce centre.

had dinner at pick and olive i think

ohand presenting…..

my b’day gifts this x’mas!

salmon and mushroom baked rice.

the holidays have been awesome.

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