going vietnam tmrw!

i’m going vietnam tmrw for bout a week, so i decided to check it out a bit first cos i know nothing except that the viatnamese in viatnam speak vietnamese. so here’s what i got:

+With a population of over 86 million, Vietnam is the 13th most populous country in the world.

+they’ve had a pretty tumultous political history. shortly after gaining independance from china in AD938, vietnam’s many dynasties expanded themselves geographically and politically into southeast asia. then came the french colonization, followed by resistance, expulsion and division, forming the 2 sides in the vietnam war.

+About 85% of Vietnamese identify with Buddhism, though not all practice on a regular basis.

+Vietnam is deeply suspicious and wary of Roman Catholicism.

+In Vietnam, education from age 6 to 11 is free and mandatory.

man, that wasn’t very intersting.shouldn’t have wasted my time.


anyway, watched avatar on boxing day.


visited channie first to ask for her permission

Avatar posters

went to 3 dif cinemas to avoid bad timing and seating, in the end, had to take first row at like 11 plus. xian. but i was ok it was a really good show, worth the effort.

its about this planet called pandora. humans cant breathe in its atmosphere so scietists created alien-human hybrids, hence the name avatars, for the split purpose of  exploiting its forest for econommic gains and for the sake of curiosity and wonderment.

jake sully, in avatar form, meets neytiri in pandora. the greedy military destroys their hometrees with jake’s help as his acceptance into the tribe gives him a close understanding of its inner workings. neyiri is betrayed. jake returns on a grand dragon,making him a hero, she trusts him again. (?) together they defeat the military. the tribe transforms him into a real alien, they live happily tgt.

woa, best synopsis ever.

movie ended at like 3, but we were hungry so we went geylang for supper. had damn goood  hor fun. slept at 4.


yesterday i designed stones with my friend to sell. my best creation:


good joke i read yesterday:

a sick man goes to his doctor and says,” so how much time do i have left, doc?”

“its 10”

“10 w hat? years? months? weeks?”




attention attention!

The date of release of the 2009 GCE O-Level Examination results has tentatively been scheduled to fall within the period between
11 January and 13 January 2010.


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