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3 is better than 2

i’m sorry i cant get over the boys like girl’s song 2 is better than 1. the entire song is really good except for that cliche crap line.

since poly starts in only 3 months i got a job at kenny rogers. wouldnt say its fun but at least im learning sth.

 dun really have the mood to describe the last few weeks, but i watched a couple of movies. someone forced me to watch spy next door it was so unbearable. i saw channie she’s so cute i wanna squeeze her. had shopping spree at bugis street, had alot of fantastic buys. bought 6 clothes, one was a dress for like $63. whee.  ehh.. made durian cheesecake. i’ve been coughing for over a week and its soo irritating. i’ve been reading twilight so much better than the movie. robert does no justice.

my sis is leaving for queensland to study in 3 weeks for bout one and a half years. my mum is leaving for cambodia for work attachemnt i think may for bout 3 years.i havent quite thought bout how i feel even though i’ve been assuring others im good with all this. and i guess i am. shd be kinda exciting to learn how to live almost by myself.

i mean i’ve always enjoyed being by myself. just tt soon it will be for a pretty prolonged period of time..i gotto occupy myself.

off to prepare food for  the farewell party..

this is bloody funny.

“can you smeeeell….”


bittersweet (2e1’07chalet+O levels)

from the airport on 8 jan i went straight to the chalet

long story short i got lost at pasir ris

after that i got sick at the chalet, fever and stuff

so bad i had to go home

but i missed the e1 ppl and even though i couldnt really enjoy the bbq and stuff i was happy just seeing and talking to them.


my O levels results are pretty ok. my L1r5 is 9 minus 2 cca pts=7

but its really bittersweet cos my english is B3, which is just..i cant explain it. i feel like there’s no way, its gotto be an error. for god’sake my chinses is A2! and i wrote really well, i dun get it.

rest of my results:

maths,a math, comb humans,poa      a1

bio,chem,chinese                                      a2

vietnam was boomz!

vietnam was really awesome. best ever.

day 1

flight to ho chinh minh city.


took cab to an an 2 hotel.(yes there’s an an 1) and in a day i learnt many things.

.the road is dominated by motorcylces its isane

.the motorcyclists wear super thin helmets and masks

.and often tow along their entire families

.the zebra crossings mean nothing

even if there are 10 motorcyclists charging towards you , its ok, you cross the roaad. they’ll find a way to avoid you.


.their wiring is whacked

.take risks with food even if you dun understand what you’re ordering. and english standard doesnt equal to quality of food

.harden your heart against beggars and ppl that sell sunglasses, nick nacks,books

.never underestimate the joy that comes with celebrating with strangers, esp when its comes to celebrating 2010!

with help from special saigon red wine

.ppl swarm to music


day 2

we took a trip to cu chi tunnels.

on the way we were dropped at this place that sells vietnamese art made by the handicapped

cant help but feel there’s underlying exploitation



“welcome to cu chi tunnels where the brave cu chi fighters fought the americans during the vietnam war.”

the first hting i thought was cu chi=tickle.

so i imagined cu chi fighters must have tickled the americans into surrender. hahas


but no, they were very sneaky, resourceful almsot vicious.


here is one of their secret tunnels to conceal their positions

and when you least expect, the vietnamese pop up and gun you down. you wouln’t know what hit you

and there are these evil traps

one minute youre dancing to “i feel happy”  on the grass

and the next moment, youre pierced by 20 sharp bamaboo sticks

the cuchi ppl had to give up all their comforts and channel all their efforts into the tunnels

they hadd just enough space to crawl on their backs, yet they gave birth , held weddings in those tunnels.

lunch: pho bo (beef noodle) loved it

went back, washed up, watched planet 51 for free at 3rd storey of  bobby brown’s cafe that had this really comfy theatre, and they dun even make you buy their drinks

went for a neck back shoulder massage, felt molested, then dinner

day 3-4

took 7 hour bus ride to dalat

we arrived in the middle of hte flower festival, hence the crowds

dalats cold weather is awesome. if s’pore had their weather we would be perfect.

 we stayed at binh yen hotel

their balcony is nice but the rest of their facilities are SHINGZ. TOTAL SHINGZ.

their bed is hard, their blanket is dusty, their shower water comes out in sprouts

and their buck toothed monkey ‘tour guides’ that scam your money

his name is po or hoe, or innni mini mo.cant rmb he sucks anyway

at least he got the cabbie to bring us on this tour to

.truc lam meditation

.tuyen lam lake

.dantanla waterfall

one of  the naughty nuns that escaped classes at the truc lam meditation was there

.cable car

;french village


and to this da lat historical village where i found this

” it is said that misery started on the world since adam ate a fruit of “knowledge tree:. In the bi ble, paradise is a place of silly happinness. this explanatio nis not right because paradise history…an original symbol for human fate. Meanwhile, knowledge is capable to stand on human fate and..distinguish between good and evil but not right and wrong.

frankly, we are facing 2 kinds of knowledge: objective reason contrary to  distortional sub libertine and excessive imagiantion. thus, legend of Adam and Eve was not happened in the world around but in each of our souls.

the struggle between Adam and Snake represents the illogical power continuing inside of human with the embroidery artwork. “when reason sleeps, evil comes.”…

thus, we wish for an era that the Redeemer come with us, it is considered that human being ust be treated hte disease,’blind in knowledge’ causing humankind become dangerous for the fellow beings and themselves.”


dun get it but one day when im wiser i will decode this



day 5

we  moved to bich dao this villa owned by a nice family

it was a really really cosy place.

their rooms are comfy and soft

and their lounges are nice to slack


(this pic was taken on the last night stay. we bought all the market roadside food and ate them tgt at the villa)

the following is dedicated to jane, the helpful landlady that made our stay there really enjoyable.

she’s strict, fierce and a total professional, but underneath she has a softer, motherly side that we love so much and cant get enough of

(photo at bich dao with jane and loco the flying genius,papa’s new best friend”)

“you 8am to 12 am.”

“dont you mean 12pm?”

(jane stares at you, as if to look into your soul)

(she sighs, shakes her head and writes on paper :8am-12pm)



“why all of you call me su-san? i no su-san!”

“you’re not su-san?!”

“ name jane”





lang biang! the huge mountainous region

we went to the top on a four wheeler (6000m)


where the view was fantastic.

my lucky aunt did paragliding with loco. the parachute later tore and i couldnt fly:(

the dry weather makes forest fires common

animals everywhere= shit everywhere.


my sis got altitude sickness. again im truely surprised i din get sick.

bun peeking on a chess game

ate at blue water restaraunt for 2 nights. good food, very reasonable.

really good restaraunt food plus drinks for 6 ppl only $40 plus

day 6

self guided tour to golden village valley

does look kinda golden


the flowers in dalat grow really well

and to crazy horse house


more like lame house

\tried embroidery there. super complicated.

went to their market at night.

looks rather similar to s’pore

except that they sell their strawberries

1kg for 25000dong. thats not even S$2

s’pore one tiny box alr $5.

best buy man.

day 7

4 hour ride to nha trang , beach area

the  ride there was bumpy and sandy.

i used htis wet tissue to cover my mouth 30mins and it turned  brown

but hte ride was worth it cos the beach is..

so different from the whitish blue waters  you see in s’pore

the waters here are a deep deep blue

we ate lobster on the beach, literally

freshly caught, grilled

it tasted awesome and i din get diarhoea. fantastic

5 lobsters for 300,000 dong thats bout 4 bucks for each

so fresh i almost could drink the seawater

day 8-9

took cable car to vinpearl


i din take pics but vinpearl was really really alot of fun.

for entry fee of 300,000 dong=$20 plus you can have ‘free flow’ of all the ridea at the huge themepark

the thrilling waterpark

the 2 story arcade, complete with simullators

the beach

and the underwater world


dunno why i take pic the fish will open mouth one

awesome day at vinpearl, but we had to rush off for the train back to ho chinh minh

sleeper train. 12 hour ride

got off at 6 in the morning, cab to ariport, and back home:)

other stuff:


more pho bo!


and ridiculous menus

all in all, vietnam was really fun.

but i think the people there dun realise how impt it is to keep their natural beauty. alot of places like the beautiful nha trang beach is being overshadowed by concrete monsters like hotels and restaurants that overshadow the beach by lining so close to it, ruining the beach.

the excessive amount of motorbikes is also a prob. its super noisy cos they use their horns everytime they change lane. some cars even have blaring songs everytime they reverse their vehicles its ridiculous.

its also results in alot of pollution cos of the smoke and dust flying everywhere, its really bad for health

their road rules are also too loose. the entire 9 day trip i only saw 4 traffic lights. and 2 of them only had one red light star to indicate.

many roads dun have any white lines. and the roads in the mountanous area dun have any barriers

thaats why coming back to singapore, i feel so incredibly blessed 🙂

i can finally truly say i love singapore.